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JF&CS bids farewell to long time leader Aryeh Sherman

As the Jewish community prepares for Rosh Hashanah (New Year) next week, JF&CS is preparing for a change in leadership. We say farewell to our President and CEO Aryeh Sherman after 17 years of service. And we begin our journey with a new President & CEO in Dr. Jordan Golin

Aryeh has been recognized over many years with various awards for excellence in leadership and we were fortunate to have benefited from his skills and adept leadership. It is Aryeh’s generosity of spirit, kindness, and his “gentle” passion that is unique and will be most missed. We hope we have learned those qualities from him and how to preserve and nurture them. Over his 17 years here, his vision and commitment has only strengthened – that’s our legacy to treasure.

At JF&CS today, there are nearly 100 employees and over 2,000 volunteers. Last fiscal year, JF&CS served some 10,000 clients, all people facing challenges. In an increasingly stressed world, as resources dwindle, Aryeh has seen to it that our community has somewhere to turn for help.

We wish Aryeh and his family every happiness and success on their next chapter. We know that he will find new ways to help make our community and this world a better place for all people. He will take on new challenges with the same thoughtful persistence as he has given JF&CS.

So for JF&CS staff, it is indeed a time of change. JF&CS is making good use of this critical juncture to assess its direction and prepare for the ever changing future.

One more popular custom during Rosh Hashanah is eating apples dipped in honey, a symbol of our wish for a sweet new year. A bushel basket of apples and a gallon of honey to you, Aryeh.

And L’shanah tovah to all of our friends and supporters, clients and volunteers.