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Meditation: could it be for you?

“Oh, I can’t meditate. I can never shut my brain off.” If this is your response when your life is stressful and someone suggests meditation as a helpful tool, you probably have unrealistic expectations for a meditation practice. Unless you are a monk who meditates all day every day for…Read More

2018-2919 has been a busy year for JFCS!

2018-2019 has been a very busy year. In the aftermath of October 27, 2018, JFCS has done a great deal of work in community healing. We’ve increased counseling opportunities, both individual and group. JFCS, along with our partner Jewish agencies, has engaged in improving security, providing training and helping to…Read More

We made it through year one – what now?

by Stefanie Small, LCSW, Clinical Director, JFCS Counseling Services The build-up, media blitz, community attention and city-wide day of commemoration of the shooting at Tree of Life Or L’Simcha is over, and it is November. We have made it through year one, which therapists say is generally the hardest. So…Read More

Wendy Levin-Shaw bids farewell to JFCS

Wendy Levin-Shaw came to work as a therapist at what was then Jewish Family & Children’s Service in 1997. As a graduate student in social work earlier in her life, Wendy had always hoped to work for a JFCS-like organization. She has always been deeply connected to her Jewish heritage,…Read More