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Counseling helps Rose move forward

Sometimes life just comes at you hard. In six years, Rose* lost her husband, her favorite sister (and best friend), and even her dog. And she’s only 65. A native of Pittsburgh, Rose lived in Florida for more than 30 years. She wanted to be a dancer, and her husband…Read More

After trauma, a year of “firsts”

by Stefanie Small, Director, JFCS Counseling Services and JFCS Senior Services The first year after a loss is referred to by many bereaved as “The Year of Firsts.” The first Thanksgiving without him. The first Chanukah without her. As each First comes, it causes a new sharp pain of grief,…Read More

I should be over it by now

Three people, all survivors of a devastating gun violence event, recently took their own lives. This tragic news reignites sadness and heartbreak for all those who have experienced similar violent events: survivors, family and friends of the lost, people whose “it can’t happen here” innocence has been shattered. People like…Read More