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JFCS Guardianship Services

Protecting and caring for our community's most vulnerable individuals.

Guardianship Referral Form

If you feel an individual is incapacitated and unable to manage their own financial resources and/or is unable to make informed medical decisions, a guardianship referral may be warranted. Please fill out the form prior to setting up a referral meeting with JFCS Guardianship Services staff.

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Guardianship of a Person or Estate

JFCS’s responsibilities as guardians of a person include making daily decisions about their personal affairs, always with the idea of protecting their autonomy, independence, and rights. In exercising duties as guardian of an estate, JFCS manages a ward’s financial responsibilities exclusively to the benefit of that individual.

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Providing services and support for our community's most vulnerable individuals

JFCS Guardianship Services believe that every person is entitled to a life of dignity, respect, and opportunity. We provide services that empower individuals in our community to live the best lives possible. We do this by providing Power of Attorney, support services and client management, medical assistance applications, new support living transitions and certified mediation.

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Give the Gift of Hope to Those in Need

Without the financial support of our donors, and the time and talents of volunteers, the work of JFCS would not be possible. We can’t do it without you.

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Stories of Hope

Our guardianship staff take care of our community members when there is no one else to care for them. The people we help are determined by the Court to be incapable of managing their finances, healthcare, living arrangements—even the most basic of every day decisions. JFCS’s experienced guardianship caseworkers provide the support and resources necessary to act as our wards’ decision-makers, always making decisions they believe reflect what the ward would have decided. In making those best-interest decisions and oftentimes, wards are able to achieve progress within the constraints of their situations. Read the stories of the people we’ve helped.

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