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COVID-19 Local Resources

COVID-19 local resources - Pittsburgh

COVID-19 Local Resources

Check out this list of COVID-19 local resources for everything from food to healthcare to activities for kids. There is help out here during the coronavirus crisis so you can stay afloat while you’re staying safe! *Resources will be added as they become available. If you have resources to add or change, please email areefer@jfcspgh.org. 

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  • City & County Info
  • Neighborhood-Specific Info
  • Public Transit Info


  • Loans
  • Funds and Grants
  • Pittsburgh Mutual Aid & Neighborhood Specific Info
  • Government Assistance
  • Unemployment Compensation (UC) Benefits
  • Workers’ Compensation (WC) Benefits
  • Job Search/Employment Assistance
  • Small Business Assistance


  • Rent & Mortgage Assistance
  • Utility Assistance
  • Homeless & Drop-In Services


  • Government Assistance
  • Food Distribution
  • Food Resources for Children & Families
  • Take-Out Options
  • Grocery Shopping


  • Healthcare and Testing
  • Sexual & Reproductive Health
  • HIV+ Info
  • Recovery Resources
  • Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Resources
  • Safer Drug Use & Sex Work


  • Information & Important Resources
  • Education and Entertainment at Home


  • Meals & Services
  • Community Supports
  • Veteran Services


  • Mental Health Resources
  • Self-Care & Fun Activities
  • Community During Social Distance



  • Your Voting Rights
  • Census 2020
  • Legal Resources
  • Volunteers Needed


Local info and updates

These resources can help you stay up to date with policy changes, safety measures, and more.



  • In order to best serve residents with questions and concerns about COVID-19, Allegheny County Health Department (ACHD) has partnered with United Way 211 to offer a 24/7 hotline. Please call 888-856-2774 to speak with a representative.
  • We are working hard to ensure that you have the best and most current information. Stay up to date by signing up for Allegheny Alerts (www.alleghenycounty.us/alerts) and subscribing to COVID-19, follow the Health Department on Facebook (@AlleghenyCountyHealth) and Twitter (@HealthAllegheny), and visit www.alleghenycounty.us/coronavirus.



A great resource if anyone needs help or can give help with housing, food, healthcare, child/pet care, transport, storage, emotional support, and more. SPREADSHEET



  • Port Authority COVID-19 info
  • UPDATE 03/19/20 – Port Authority Implementing “Social Distancing” operations
    • Offices are currently closed, but if clients would like to enroll in the Medical Assistance Transportation Program, they can do so by calling the MATP county office at 1-888-547-6287.  Please consider that the county office may only be providing transportation for life-sustaining medical situations.
    • Clients can submit reimbursement requests in accordance with program acceptable documentation policies by faxing to (412)281-5049 or by mailing to: Travelers Aid PO Box 23534, Pittsburgh, PA 15222
    • Our phone system automated message (412)281-5474 or, Greyhound location (412)281-0751; Our website: www.travelersaidpgh.org; Our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/TravelersAidPGH
    • No orders will be filled after close of business on Tuesday, March 24th until further notice.  Travelers Aid will be closed on Monday, March 23rd


Financial Assistance & Employment Services

During the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, many people may experience layoffs, reduction in income, and employment insecurity. These resources are here to help you throughout this time of uncertainty to ensure your family can maintain some level of financial stability through various types of income assistance and employment services. As resources become available, we will update this post.

If you are experiencing a disruption in regular income as a result of the COVID-19 crisis, you may be eligible to apply for assistance through the following programs (updated 3/23/20):



Funds and Grants
Pittsburgh Mutual Aid & Neighborhood Specific Info

A great resource if anyone needs help or can give help with housing, food, healthcare, child/pet care, transport, storage, emotional support, and more. SPREADSHEET

Government Assistance
  • TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) here **Please note that the County Assistance Offices are currently closed to the public. Apply online.
  • Unemployment – File an initial claim here.
    • UPDATE 03/07/20: Please note that the UC waiting week has been suspended.
    • The fast way to apply is online: https://www.paclaims.pa.gov/UCEN/
    • Please be patient — due to high demand, our UC system may experience intermittent slowness. Our UC team is working hard to process your claims.
    • For more information, visit  http://uc.pa.gov/

In addition, some of those whose jobs have been affected by the crisis are eligible for federal unemployment compensation benefits.

Unemployment Compensation (UC) Benefits

You may be eligible if:

  • Your employer temporarily closes or goes out of business because of COVID-19
  • Because of COVID-19, your employer reduced yours work hours
  • Your employer told you not to come to work because they feel you might get or spread COVID-19
  • You are quarantined or self-isolated, or live/work in a county under government-recommended mitigation efforts
Important info:
  • If you are eligible for UC, you will receive two approval letters and a four-digit PIN
  • Your PIN will arrive in the U.S. mail – keep it in a safe, easy to remember place
  • If approved, your first benefit payment should arrive within four weeks of filing for UC
  • Continue filing your bi-weekly claim (every two weeks) – even while waiting for approval
  • Find call center hours and other vital info at www.uc.pa.gov ; learn all UC benefit requirements by visiting the self-service guide; or use UC LiveChat

If you have COVID-19 and believe a person or situation at your workplace exposed you, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits.

Workers Compensation (WC) Benefits

If you believe you may have been exposed to COVID-19 in your workplace, you may be eligible for Workers’ Compensation (WC) by either:

  • Notifying your employer to file a typical “disease-as-injury” WC claim, which requires you to provide medical evidence that you were exposed to COVID-19 in the workplace
  • Notifying your employer to file an “occupational disease” WC claim, which requires you to show that COVID-19 is occurring more in your occupation/industry than in the general population
  • All WC claims (including COVID-19) are thoroughly reviewed, and decisions are made based on the facts and merits of each claim and the law
  • If your COVID-19 claim is denied, you may file a petition with the WC Office of Adjudication
  • Learn more about Workers’ Compensation and the Injured Worker



If you need help applying for jobs, want career counseling during this time, or are looking for ways to improve your skills while you have down time, there are still some career services available. Unfortunately CareerLink offices and the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh locations are closed. The following places are working remotely to provide employment services.



  • Kiva – 0% loans for small businesses affected by COVID-19
  • Governor Tom Wolf today announced the availability of low-interest loans for small businesses and eligible non-profits in all 67 counties in Pennsylvania through the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA)
    • SBA’s Economic Injury Disaster Loans offer up to $2 million in assistance. More info here
    • The interest rate is 3.75% for small businesses without credit available elsewhere; businesses with credit available elsewhere are not eligible. The interest rate for non-profits is 2.75%.
  • Bridgeway Capital – loans for small businesses & non-profits economically impacted by COVID-19
  • Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) is offering resources and assistance for businesses impacted by COVID-19. URA encouraged businesses to contact their URA loan officers to inquire about hardship assistance.
  • Honeycomb Credit is offering discounted community-sourced loans for businesses impacted by COVID-19. Qualifying businesses can borrow $10,000 – $50,000 with an introductory 6-month interest-only period and no prepayment penalty.


Housing and Utility Assistance

At this time, it is very important for residents to have secure housing and utilities available. To avoid or delay eviction, there are measures being put into place to ensure that residents can remain in their homes until the threat of COVID-19 has subsided. Utility providers in our region are also aware of the economic strain of COVID-19, and are providing grace periods to ensure customers do not experience hardship at this time. If you are in need of housing and utility assistance, contact the resources below.



UPDATE! All evictions have been suspended for Allegheny County.

Rent Assistance
  • Call Allegheny Link at 866-730-2368 for a referral to additional rental resources. Many organizations require a referral from Allegheny Link, including:
  • Pittsburgh Presbyterian Lazarus (412-323-1400) can offer at most $250 in one time assistance to help with rental evictions, pay utility bills, and even such expenses as medical bills.
  • Allegheny Valley Association of Churches. Call 724-226-0606 or visit www.avaoc.org
    • Eligibility: Must live in the Allegheny Valley area (Brackenridge, Tarentum, East Deer, Fawn, Frazier, Harrison, Verona, New Kensington, Arnold, or Lower Burrell) and demonstrate financial need.
  • North Hills Community Outreach. Call 412-487-6316 or email help@nhco.org.
    • Eligibility: To qualify the individual or family must be at or below 150% of the federal poverty level. Consumers must live in the following school districts: Hampton, North Hills, North Allegheny, Pine-Richland, Northgate, Deer Lakes, Fox Chapel, and Avonworth.



  • Duquesne Light (DLC) has ceased shut-offs
  • Columbia Gas
    • No shutoffs. In addition, Columbia Gas will offer its most flexible payment plans to customers who indicate either an impact or hardship as a result of COVID-19 and will suspend late payment charges until May 1.
    • Any customer who has received a termination notice or is having trouble paying his/her bill should call 1-888-460-4332 to discuss payment arrangements and/or financial assistance programs.
  • People’s Gas
    • **No statement of shutoffs discontinued yet – their website includes info on assistance programs
    • TIPS TO AVOID SCAMS: The COVID-19 outbreak has resulted in an increase in scam activity. We urge all customers to be cautious regarding any unsolicited calls that threaten to turn off your utility service or that demand payment, especially by unusual means, such as a gift card. If you receive a suspicious call, please hang up immediately and call us at 1-800-764-0111. 
  • FirstEnergy – Temporarily suspend shutoffs and offer payment options to help ease hardships
  • Heating Assistance – LIHEAP info here
  • Pennsylvania American Water – Placed a moratorium and discontinued service shutoffs to keep customers safe during the coronavirus pandemic. Additionally, the utility is beginning the restoration of service to previously shut-off customers
  • PSWA has suspended utility shut-offs
  • Comcast has expanded its internet services for low-income families and individuals
    • Go to: www.internetessentials.com or call 1-855-846-8376
    • Offering new, low-income Internet Essentials customers two months of free internet and raising the speed of that program’s service. Xfinity WiFi hotspots across the country will be available for free to all users and data plans will be paused for 60 days, giving customers unlimited data for no additional charge.
    • Additionally, the company will not disconnect a customer’s internet service during this period or assess late fees if they contact the company regarding their inability to pay
    • No Social Security number required to apply
    • Will also be rolling out faster internet service to all Internet Essentials customers.



If you are homeless or at risk of losing shelter/housing in Allegheny County, call Allegheny Link (DHS) for a list of shelters and housing resources. Call the main hotline 866-730-2368; in-person & site visits are suspended, call to be helped remotely. Field Unit is functioning remotely. Interpretation is available.

  • Light of Life (as of 3/17/20) – Clients getting temperature screened before entering. Elevated temps advised to go to hospital. Meals still happening, trying to implement to-go meals. Extended donation hours M-Th, 10am to 4pm. Only two people at a time allowed in donation center.
  • Pleasant Valley (as of 3/17/20) – Overnight residents may stay in during the day and can receive lunch. Drop in center open to people taking showers and doing laundry only (M-F). Take out lunches will be offered MWF between 12pm – 1pm. Limited capacity–20 persons per area. People may have to wait outside if capacity is exceeded.
  • Operation Safety Net (as of 3/17/20) – Minimizing face to face contacts. Focusing on medically vulnerable, and virus-vulnerable individuals.
  • Bethlehem Haven (as of 3/17/20) – currently remaining open; shelter residents leave during day for cleaning
  • Action Housing & McKeesport Downtown Housing Shelter (as of 3/17/20) – not accepting new residents for next two weeks
  • Call Allegheny Link at 866-730-2368 for a referral to a local shelter if you are homeless or at risk of homelessness.
Drop-in Centers
  • Drop-In Centers (most closed, but may have limited services.) Contact info is here.
  • 412 Youth Zone – closed (as of 3/17/20) for 2 weeks. Supportive staff (youth coaches, supervisors, therapists, education liaisons) will be available remotely (phone, text, Facebook, video chat). Youth call main landline to be directed to support: 412-902-4068. Youth can also access Youth Zone Facebook page for updates and info.
  • Wellspring – Drop-in center is closed; served outside. Clients can sign up to see case management, and will be seen inside 1 by 1. Clients can still pick up mail that will be brought outside to them.
  • Veteran’s Place (as of 3/17/20) – Drop in center and van services will still operate normal hours. Vet’s Place will not accept outside providers into the space, only clients and internal staff.
  • Jubilee Kitchen (as of 3/17/20) – clients can come between 11am-12pm daily for take-out lunch. No indoor service.
  • First Presbyterian Dinner (as of 3/17/20) – no indoor service; volunteers will distribute bagged meals
  • Persad (as of 3/17/20) – Clients can still shower, do laundry, and access food pantry. No “drop in” or congregating hours at this time.
  • Project Silk (as of 3/17/20) – Open Wednesdays from 1-5pm for services only. Clients can reach out to Silk to schedule 1 on 1 appointments, 412-532-2128.


Food Assistance

Several food assistance resources are available for you and your family during the coronavirus crisis. See the list below for several locations offering food distribution, free meals, and more. Also check out this list of Allegheny County free food distribution sites. (Updated 3/24/20)



  • Anyone who is currently out of work due to COVID-19 and currently has NO income is eligible for SFPP (State Food Purchase Program) and TEFAP (The Emergency Food Assistance Program) using this self-declaration of need form. On the self-declaration of need form, they can simply circle $0 as they have no income. However, they should be advised that if/when their income resumes, they would need to fill out new paperwork and declare that if they intend to continue to obtain food through these programs.
    • Similarly, anyone who has lost hours, etc. because of COVID-19 and has a reduced income may be eligible for SFPP and TEFAP. On the self-declaration of need form, they should circle the income level that currently reflects their new (and potentially temporary) circumstances. As noted above, once income picks back up, they would need to fill out new paperwork and declare that if they intend to continue to obtain food through these programs.
  • Apply for Food Stamps (SNAP) & get answers about eligibility
  • WIC (Women, Infants, Children)
    • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the PA State WIC Program has issued a directive to all
      local WIC agencies in Pennsylvania instructing them that they are not permitted to
      enroll new WIC participants for the next 8 weeks. They are working on a system that will
      allow WIC to enroll participants remotely and in compliance with USDA regulations.
    • If a client has a new baby and requires infant formula, WIC has partnered with an
      organization called Chartwell. Have the pediatrician fax a referral to 412-920-2830. The
      referral must include the insurance information and contact information so Chartwell
      can contact the client.



  • JFCS Squirrel Hill Food Pantry – open and continuing to serve 15217 and families that eat Kosher outside the area code. Individuals receive pre-bagged foods when they come to the pantry. Contact 412-421-2708 for more information
    • The JFCS Squirrel Hill Food Pantry’s critical needs social workers are available to help residents in the Greater Pittsburgh area connect to resources and support. Contact 412-422-7200 to connect with a social worker
  • South Hills Interfaith Movement (SHIM) – Pantry open regular hours; distributing pre-packed boxes of groceries. See site for program updates, or for emergency food, please contact Molly Penderville at (412) 854-9120 ext. 108 or mpatterson@shimcares.org
  • Southwest PA Meals On Wheels – home meal delivery for people aged 60+ or those of any age that are younger if recovering from injury, illness, or surgery
  • Age Well Pittsburgh
    • Now offering Meals to Go: Meal pickups will be drive-through only, between 11 am and 2 pm Mondays and Wednesdays at the Darlington entrance of the JCC Kaufmann Building, 5738 Darlington Road, Squirrel Hill, beginning Monday, March 23.
    • On Mondays, we will be providing one hot and one cold meal – covering two days. On Wednesdays, we will be providing one hot and two cold meals – covering three days.
    • Those who are picking up are not to get out of their vehicles. Participants may pick up for a registered spouse but not for friends. If a senior is unable to pick up meals, please contact Home Delivered Meals at 412-350-5460 or Senior Line 412-350-5460 or 1-800-344-4319 (Toll-free)
    • Participants must call into our lunch line at 412-567-1715 by 8 pm the night before the Monday or Wednesday pickup to reserve each week. Please leave your name (and spouse if picking up for them), and if you will be picking up Monday and/or Wednesday.
    • If you have questions, please leave a message on the on the lunch reservation line, 412-567-1715, and we will call you back. *We regret that we are unable to accommodate walk-ins or to register new clients at this time.



  • Pittsburgh Public Schools (UPDATED 03/24/20) – Grab & Go lunches for students are available for students in 29 locations around the city.  Please check the website for updates. **Some locations are closed due to the risk of coronavirus exposure. Find the next nearest location to you. Meals will also be provided at these locations:
    • Meals will be distributed between 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM Monday, Tuesday and Friday. Multiple meals will be distributed on Tuesday and Friday.

pps lunch

  • Woodland Hills School District (UPDATED 03/24/20) – Students may receive GRAB and GO Breakfast and Lunch Monday through Friday from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM at the following locations:
    • District Administration Building located at 531 Jones Ave North Braddock PA 15104; Meals will be distributed to students at the side entrance located next to the parking lot.
    • Rankin School located at 235 Fourth Ave Rankin PA 15104; Meals will be distributed at the front entrance of the building.
    • Woodland Hills Intermediate School located at 7600 Evans Ave Swissvale PA 15218; Meals will be distributed to students from door #2 located to the right of the entrance ramp to the school.
    • Turtle Creek El Steam Academy located at 126 Monroeville Ave Turtle Creek PA 15145; Meals will be distributed to students from door #2 located at the driveway to the right of the front entrance to the school where parents presently pick up and drop off their students.
    • Propel Braddock Hills Elementary School – 10 AM to 12PM, Mondays and Thursdays. Breakfast and Lunch, three days at a time.
    • Students may receive meals at the location that is most convenient to their home. Recipients will get one lunch and one breakfast at the same time, plus additional meals for the weekend on Fridays. The meals are intended to be GRAB and GO.  The facilities will not be open to use as a place to eat the meals.
    • As of 3/23/2020 the State of Pennsylvania stipulates that students need to be present to receive the meal(s). If this changes we will update ASAP
  • Carlynton School District Meal Distribution (UPDATED 3/24/20)
    • Meal distribution will begin Tuesday, March 17, 2020, from 10 am to 11 am at Carnegie Elementary School and Carnegie Borough Building, and from 11 am to 12 noon at Crafton Elementary School.



Restaurants have closed their dining rooms but are offering take-out meals and delivery. (Updated 3/24/20)

  • Pittsburgh Magazine is updating this list daily
  • Pittsburgh City Paper is updating this list daily
  • Good Food Pittsburgh also has a list
Restaurant Free Meals for Kids & Families
  • Piada Restaurant, 3600 Forbes Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15213: K-12 students who depend on our school systems for lunch – a free kid’s pasta with sauce, cheese and a fountain drink; Monday – Friday (March 16 – April 3), during lunch hours of 10:45am – 1:00pm to students affected
  • Lelulo’s Pizzeria, 311 Unity Trestle Road, Plum: Tuesday-Friday, 11am-2pm. Pizza, salad, 6-inch sub chicken tenders and fries. More info here
  • United Presbyterian Church in New Kensington ; 601 Fifth Ave.; Starting Monday, 9-10 a.m. and noon-1 p.m. Grade school and college students can ring a doorbell at the entrance marked No. 3 to pick up a bag of food. No sign-ups required
  • ARNOLD’S TEA – Chef Claudy Pierre; 502 E Ohio St., North Side; 412-322-2494;  From 3 pm to 7 pm, Arnold’s Tea will be offering free hot dinners, one per person, to Pittsburgh Families on the North Side as a pick-up location. He will continue to do this until he runs out of inventory. Check his social media page before going to ensure there is food: https://www.instagram.com/arnoldsteapittsburgh/
  • Peoples Indian Restaurant: Peoples Indian Restaurant is humbly extending a helping hand to its neighbors who may be in need. If you aren’t able to get a meal, or you have a child that you aren’t able to get a meal for, please call us at 412-661-3160 and we will have a to-go lunch box of chicken curry, chick peas, and rice available for you to pick up. Pick up available from 11:30am to 2:30pm Monday through Saturday. Please call ahead so we can minimize contact.



(Updated 3/24/20)


Health and Safety

It’s especially important to know what health and safety resources area available during the COVID-19 crisis. These resources are available to help protect your health and wellbeing, as well as support those with ongoing needs.





  • PP Direct – Most health providers are not writing new birth control prescriptions, but can extend current prescriptions. If you need a NEW prescription, use the PP Direct app. Download the app for NEW birth control & UTI Rx, shipped directly to your home. Co-pay waived!
  • Nurx app – via the app get testing & Rx for: birth control, STI testing, genital herpes treatment, oral herpes treatment, emergency contraception, HIV PreP, HPV screening,
    COVID-19 testing & consultation
  • Maternal/Natal care:
    • Contact: Sydney Olberg; I am a trained doula and I can support with postpartum as well as labor (although that is tricky these days as they are often only letting in one person during delivery) but also late trimester pregnancy and even just questions.  Sydney@thegoodpeoplesgroup.com; (612) 886-5268 Availability: open (I have been exclusively working from home)



  • Allies for Health + Wellness: currently open; if you are ex periencing COVID-19 symptoms, do not come in. All current patients should call before coming in. Allies will deliver meds, bus tickets, etc. TOLL FREE: 1 888 204 8821; P: 412 345 7456
  • PACT: open, but no walk-ins. Must call for info and appointments. 412-647-PACT (7228) or 1-877-788-7228
  • Central Outreach – limited COVID-19 tests available (100 total)
  • Shepherd Wellness – currently CLOSED as of 3/16/20 (for two weeks)
  • Persad (as of 3/17/20) – Clients can still come to shower, do laundry, and access food pantry. No “drop in” or congregating hours at this time.





  • You can still get an Emergency Protection From Abuse order (even when courts are closed) – INFO UPDATED 03/18/20
  • All PA Domestic Violence Programs – please call (if able) to see if services are altered during the pandemic
  • If the coronavirus has forced you to self-isolate or self-quarantine in your home and you feel you may be in an unsafe situation for you and your children, help is available:
    • Women’s Center & Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh; 24 Hour Hotline: (877) 338-8255; www.wcspittsburgh.org
    • Crisis Center North; 24 Hour CCN Hotline: (412) 364-5556 | 24 Hour Toll Free Hotline: (866) 782-0911; www.crisiscenternorth.org
    • Alle-Kiski Area Hope Center– Tarentum; 24 Hour Hotline: (724) 224-1266 | 24 Hour Toll Free Hotline: (888) 299-4673; www.akhopecenter.org
    • Center for Victims; 24 Hour Toll Free Hotline: (866) 644-2882; https://www.centerforvictims.org/services/victim-services/
    • PAAR (Pittsburgh Action Against Rape)‘s office is closed but you can still access resources for sexual assault and violence at the Helpline: Running as usual 24/7 1-866-363-7273. Text/Chat Line: Services available and accessed through our website, https://paar.net/



  • Minimize your need to share supplies—if you are sharing, wipe down mouthpieces with an alcohol swab; avoid sharing cigarettes, e-cigs, joints, pipes, works, etc; do not share needles. Contact Prevention Point Pittsburgh for clean supplies & other harm reduction items
  • Put used smoking, snorting, and injecting equipment into a bio-bucket or sharps container so people know they’re used
  • Minimize contact. If you are having sex or doing sex work, avoid coughing, kissing, and direct contact with bodily fluids & ensure condom & dental dam use
  • Plan & prepare for an overdose—load up on Naloxone/NARCAN; experiment with lower doses; make an OD plan with others & stagger use if possible. Emergency services are stretched & may be slower to respond as a result of the pandemic
  • Stock up on supplies. Prevention Point Pittsburgh can be reached at wwwlpppgh.org or (412) 247-3404
  • Prepare for a medicine & drug shortage. You might lose access to your drug of choice in an outbreak. Consider alternative drugs or medications that could help take the edge off. If facing potential opioid withdrawal, consider over-the-counter medications to make it less difficult (ibuprofen, pepto-bismol, Imodium). If you take methadone, ask your medical provider about making a plan to prevent disruptions to your dose
  • You can find NARCAN at these pharmacies without a prescription


Resources for Children

Find resources to help you talk to your kids about COVID-19, info about local schools and childcare, as well as educational and entertainment resources for your kids.








Resources for Elderly/Older Adults

These resources are specifically for elderly and older adults. Resources include where to find food assistance, community help, and health care services.



Age Well Pittsburgh
  • Now offering Meals to Go: Meal pickups will be drive-through only, between 11 am and 2 pm Mondays and Wednesdays at the Darlington entrance of the JCC Kaufmann Building, 5738 Darlington Road, Squirrel Hill, beginning Monday, March 23.
    • On Mondays, we will be providing one hot and one cold meal – covering two days. On Wednesdays, we will be providing one hot and two cold meals – covering three days.
    • Those who are picking up are not to get out of their vehicles. Participants may pick up for a registered spouse but not for friends. If a senior is unable to pick up meals, please contact Home Delivered Meals at 412-350-5460 or Senior Line 412-350-5460 or 1-800-344-4319 (Toll-free)
    • Participants must call into our lunch line at 412-567-1715 by 8 pm the night before the Monday or Wednesday pickup to reserve each week. Please leave your name (and spouse if picking up for them), and if you will be picking up Monday and/or Wednesday.
    • If you have questions, please leave a message on the on the lunch reservation line, 412-567-1715, and we will call you back. *We regret that we are unable to accommodate walk-ins or to register new clients at this time.
Area Agency on Aging
  • Know of seniors that are food insecure? Call the DHS SeniorLine at 412-350-5460 for an assessment. DHS can provide meals and link seniors to food resources – they’ve also converted to frozen meals so that seniors can have extended amounts of food on hand.
  • STARTING 03/20/2020: Senior Center alternative meals will be provided to those seniors who are currently registered for normal congregate meal service beginning tomorrow, Friday, March 20, 2020. Seniors who are registered for this program have previously identified as being in need and regularly receive these meals.
    • Pre-packaged meals will be available for take-out only and will be served between 11 AM – 1 PM on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at one of these City Healthy Active Living (Senior) Centers:
      • Glen Hazel – 945 Rosselle Court, 15207
      • Sheraden – 720 Sherwood Avenue, 15204
      • Southside – 12th St & 1 Beford Square, 15203
      • Lawrenceville – 4600 Butler Street, 15201
      • Homewood – 7321 Frankstown Avenue, 15208
      • Hazelwood – 5344 Second Avenue, 15207
    •  Seniors who are not registered for the program but are in need of food or other resources should contact the Allegheny County Area on Aging’s SeniorLine (1-800-344-4319).





Allegheny County Veterans Services Office:

  • As measures unfold across Allegheny County and the State of Pennsylvania to help prevent further spread of the COVID-19 virus, please know that Allegheny County Veterans Services is still open, but by appointment only. Veterans who are experiencing financial difficulty due to COVID-19 issues, or other significant illnesses, loss of job or housing, may apply for the Veterans Temporary Assistance for potentially up to $1600. Please let your colleagues and contacts know that this option is available to veterans at this time if needed.


Mental Health & Community Support

During these uncertain times, we know individuals may be experiencing fear, anxiety or stress related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Allegheny County has services in place for individuals to speak with someone to assist in emotional support. There are also ways for you to connect with others during this time and ensure you are taking care of yourself.



  • RESOLVE Mental Health Crisis Line: 1-888-796-8226
    • Resolve is a 24-hour, 365-day crisis service. It’s free to all residents of Allegheny County, regardless of your ability to pay
      • A Peer Support and Advocacy Network is available from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. by calling 1-866-661-9726
      • Crisis Services available 24 hours/7 days a week by calling 1-888-796-8226
  • Inside Our Minds – virtual events and resources
    • Inside Our Minds is a peer-controlled, radical mental health organization that works to elevate the voices of people with lived experience of mental illness, madness, and other conceptualizations of mental health.
  • Pitt u.lab hub strives to provide caring virtual spaces to meet our community members’ mental wellness needs during this challenging time of COVID-19 outbreak. We would like to invite you to join a coaching circle with a group of 4-5 people. Following the Theory U process, the participants take turns to be case giver every time the coaching circle meets, and the coaches engage the case giver in generative dialogues.
  • Makin Wellness – Highly rated rated providers specializing in mental health, addiction and relationships. In network with major commercial plans and offering easy & secure virtual visit . Appointments within 48 hours ! Call us at 412-532-1249 to get scheduled
  • STEEL SMILING – free virtual mental health program during COVID-19





  • Pittsburgh Community Action for COVID-19 Planning Series-Meeting 1 – REGISTER HERE


  • #BurghMeetsWorld – As most of our interactions are moved to a digital realm, there is opportunity to connect over a shared global reality. We believe in the power of collective experience

    • Follow these steps to share and hear others’ stories about how social distancing and inequities brought to light by COVID-19 are affecting communities locally in Pittsburgh and around the globe:

    • Tell your story – submit a first-person post (or video) on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram responding to one/both of the prompts.\

    • Tag – include the hashtag #BurghMeetsWorld + copy and paste the prompts. Tag 5 friends to do the same (or reach out to community members who don’t have social media and see if it’s ok to share on their behalf!)

    • Connect – The Global Switchboard will compile and repost stories to our Facebook page to bring together voices from around the world and spark new discussions.

    • Join us next Wed 3/25 at 4pm for a virtual BurghMeetsWorld event to discuss the question: How do we build community in a time of social distancing? This is a free virtual event open to the public. Please RSVP on Eventbrite to receive the Zoom link via email

  • Netflix Party! Watch tv with friends while at home social distancing
  • Quarantine Chat – free & worldwide; random chats with others stuck at home via phone
  • Livestreams & Virtual Happy Hours 03/19/2020


Pet Care

  • Many food pantries stock pet food. You can find a list here. Please call before going to ensure that they are open & available
  • Ellie’s Pet Pantry at Humane Animal Rescue – pantry info; info & services with adjusted schedule during COVID-19
  • FROM SENIOR PET & ANIMAL RESCUE: If you or someone you know is having difficulty paying for or receiving certain medical and everyday expenses for a senior pet during this unprecedented time of the coronavirus outbreak and quarantine, please reach out to us. Ferd’s Fund is set up to help you.


Civic & Legal

Resources for legal issues, as well as information about your rights during this time. Also find ways to get involved locally.



REGISTER TO VOTE (Deadline April 13, 2020 to register for the Primary)


CENSUS 2020:



  • Neighborhood Legal Services
    • Offices are closed to the public through the end of March, but services are still available
    • If you are in need of services, you can either apply online anytime at www.nlsa.us/get-help (or click the Get Legal Help tab here: https://nlsa.us/) or call 1-866-761-6572 from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm, Monday through Friday.
    • Because some NLS staff is working from home, you may get a call back from a private number. Please pick up.



    • Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank – needs volunteers to help pack boxes of food to be dropped off to people in need – info here