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COVID-19 Local Resources

COVID-19 local resources - Pittsburgh

Local Resources for COVID-19 Crisis There is help out here during the coronavirus crisis so you can stay afloat while you're staying safe! Check out this list of COVID-19 local resources for everything from food to healthcare to activities for kids. *Resources will be added as they become available. If…Read More

New Year Resolutions: JFCS can really change your life

If you are one of those people who makes New Year’s resolutions, perhaps JFCS can help you get off to a running start. 1. New career New decade, new job? Is it time you took stock of your career plan and updated it? JFCS Career Development Center is ready to…Read More

2018-2019 has been a busy year for JFCS!

2018-2019 has been a very busy year. In the aftermath of October 27, 2018, JFCS has done a great deal of work in community healing. We’ve increased counseling opportunities, both individual and group. JFCS, along with our partner Jewish agencies, has engaged in improving security, providing training and helping to…Read More