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Review of JFCS Guardianship Services

JFCS Guardianship Services Review

“My name is Larry and I am writing this letter to you regarding Mallory Branham.  Mallory is the Social Worker for my Dad, William.  Mallory has been over seeing my Dad for about a year and I just wanted you to know Mallory is doing an excellent job.  Mallory’s compassion, care, and knowledge have been so comforting to my Father and myself.  My Dad really likes and trusts her with his money and setting everything up for him.  Mallory is a pleasure to work with. Please pass this along to her and tell her to keep up the great work.”


JFCS’s responsibilities as guardianship of a person include making daily decisions about their personal affairs, always with the idea of protecting their autonomy, independence, and rights. In exercising duties as guardian of an estate, JFCS manages a ward’s financial responsibilities exclusively to the benefit of that individual.

If you feel an individual is incapacitated and unable to manage their own financial resources and/or is unable to make informed medical decisions, a guardianship referral may be warranted. Please fill out the form prior to setting up a referral meeting with JFCS Guardianship Services staff.

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