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JF&CS announces leadership succession plan

The Board of Directors of JF&CS is pleased to announce the appointment of Jordan Golin, PsyD, JF&CS COO and Director of Elder Care & Clinical Services, to assume the leadership of JF&CS upon Aryeh Sherman’s retirement this September.

Aryeh had announced his retirement last fall, allowing the Board of Directors ample time to conduct a search for his replacement and ensure a smooth transition of leadership.

Jeff Freedman, Chair of the Board, expressed the board’s satisfaction with their decision. “We are tremendously grateful to Aryeh for his leadership throughout the past 17 years,” he said. “We feel complete confidence in Jordan’s ability to lead JF&CS into a productive future. His commitment to JF&CS has been evident every day since he joined the agency 15 years ago. There was no finer candidate.”

Aryeh is also delighted with the choice. “Jordan and I have worked together toward a common vision of JF&CS’s place in our community for years. I have always believed that our strength lies in the continued cultivation of partnerships with other forces for good that are all around us. Jordan himself is one of those forces.”

Of course Jordan is very familiar to most people in the JF&CS and Jewish communities, having worked here for 15 years. He has a wealth of previous experience in counseling, psychological testing and supervision of therapy staff. He holds both a masters and doctorate in clinical psychology.

With all of his experience and understanding of JF&CS, the Board knew that Jordan was ready to step into this role. However, before his appointment becomes official in the fall, Aryeh still has much work to do.

With Jordan at the helm – and your continued support of course – we’re sure that JF&CS has a bright future.