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Community Member Donates Car for ISAC Client

Thanks to a generous car donation from community member Hoon Kim, an Immigrant Services and Connections (ISAC) client was able to receive a new car!

ISAC is a five-partner agency program headed by JFCS that works to help refugees and immigrants in Allegheny County connect to services, resources, and skills to help them thrive.

Mako was so excited to have this car to use to get to work easily and to drive to medical appointments for his family.

ISAC Service Coordination Supervisor Kaitlyn Molinaro (JFCS) and ISAC Service Coordinator, Emma Cannon from South Hills Interfaith Movement (SHIM) met Hoon Kim on a snowy Wednesday morning to give Mako the car. In a joyful handoff, Hoon showed Mako the car and then together they went to transfer the car title. By the end of the day, Mako drove home to his family in his new car!