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Immigration Legal Services – Story of Hope

At JFCS, we are fortunate to be able to secure the assistance and talent of many young adults through the AmeriCorps program. AmeriCorps personnel work at JFCS in several of our departments, and offer invaluable skills. Justin Shao is an AmeriCorps volunteer who came to JFCS last September to work…Read More

Guardianship Services – Story of Hope

Ted*, a long-term resident at a state institution, was a diagnosed schizophrenic, was intensely fearful and had extreme difficulty communicating with others. He suffered from additional developmental and mental health issues that affected his quality of life and his ability to care for himself and make appropriate decisions. Because of…Read More

JFCS Family Hope – Story of Hope

Jessica’s* aunt and uncle adopted ten children and had three of their own, so adoption was always a big part of her family life growing up. When she got married and she and her husband, Rob*, got ready to start a family, they considered adoption. Then conception difficulties made the…Read More

Counseling Services – Story of Hope

A child diagnosed with autism, ADHD, or other social or emotional challenges may struggle with making friends and handling social situations. For Mark*, a home-schooled child diagnosed with depression and anxiety, not having the usual school day opportunities for social interaction made it especially difficult for him to relate to…Read More