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JFCS Family Hope – Story of Hope

Jessica’s* aunt and uncle adopted ten children and had three of their own, so adoption was always a big part of her family life growing up. When she got married and she and her husband, Rob*, got ready to start a family, they considered adoption. Then conception difficulties made the…Read More

Counseling Services – Story of Hope

A child diagnosed with autism, ADHD, or other social or emotional challenges may struggle with making friends and handling social situations. For Mark*, a home-schooled child diagnosed with depression and anxiety, not having the usual school day opportunities for social interaction made it especially difficult for him to relate to…Read More

JFCS Career Services – Story of Hope

“Since graduating from college, my entire career has been in retail management. I have always been a positive, enthusiastic person with a lot of confidence, so when I was laid off, I thought to myself, ‘Everything will be fine. I will just find another job.’ I thought I would have…Read More