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JFCS Family Hope – Story of Hope

Jessica’s* aunt and uncle adopted ten children and had three of their own, so adoption was always a big part of her family life growing up. When she got married and she and her husband, Rob*, got ready to start a family, they considered adoption. Then conception difficulties made the decision. They researched agencies online, and found JFCS Family Hope, which offered an especially wide variety of connections to resources.

There are occasions when the adoption process turns out to be a bumpy ride, and for Jessica and Rob it was. The child came from another state, and the adoption was contested. Jessica said she was grateful for the support she received from the staff at JFCS Family Hope. She and Rob were connected with parents who had been through similar circumstances to lean on for support. The adoption counselors at JFCS Family Hope helped them cope with the lawyers, interstate regulations and general paperwork.

And then they brought their daughter home.

A couple years later, Jessica and Rob decided to adopt another child. They went through the process with a new agency, but stayed with JFCS Family Hope to help with all the organization. This child was mixed race, born with health problems related to adult addiction, and also born in another state. Jessica remembered when her caseworker at JFCS Family Hope said she thought Jessica and Rob had already been through the worst possible scenario, so they “knew the ropes,” and things would be better this time. As it turned out, this was true. In fact the process moved much faster than they expected, and suddenly they had just a couple of weeks to get all the paperwork and home visits finished. Again, FHC came through, shifting into overdrive to schedule the home visit and see to all the last details. And then they brought their son home.

Jessica says her daughter loves being a big sister, and both children doing well and are blessed additions to their family.

And there are new developments.

“I had always said I wanted to have five children. We talked about adopting again, but a few months ago we found out we were pregnant – with twins! So we’ll still consider that third adoption – in a few years!”

*Name has been changed