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Team JFCS at the 2019 Pittsburgh Marathon

For the 2019 Pittsburgh Marathon. we launched Team JFCS! This year we had 13 champion runners and the support of the broader community. For the first time in JFCS history, Team JFCS crossed the finish line of the Pittsburgh Marathon!

We were not alone on the streets of Pittsburgh on Sunday! Over 35,000 people ran through the streets of Pittsburgh. Each person has their own story and experiences.


Team JFCS ran to support Pittsburghers through life’s changes and challenges. Together, we raised awareness and support for families who need our help most.

JFCS has been supporting our Pittsburgh community for over 80 years – we are here to help whether you are struggling with food insecurity, searching for your new dream job, dealing with the challenges of aging, trying to navigate life as a newly arrived immigrant, or healing from the horrific synagogue attack a few months ago.

Each dollar raised and mile run made an impact for JFCS and the community.

Our team was made up for board members, JFCS staff and JFCS supporters!

Rachel Clark shared, “JFCS does amazing things in our community! I am so proud to have been a board member for close to a decade now. JFCS provides services in so many critical areas and makes our city a better place.”

Erin Barr shared, “I’m proud to have worked for JFCS for 15 years starting in the adoption department and now helping youth and young adults with mental health challenges and/or autism find employment. By supporting my race, you’re supporting people in the community through life’s changes and challenges.”

It was a fantastic day and a powerful experience! We are schedule to run again in the Great Race on September 29th – join Team JFCS and sign up here >> https://www.crowdrise.com/o/en/campaign/team-jfcs-the-great-race-2019