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Dear Pittsburgh: A Collection of Letters From Around the World

Letter from President and CEO Dr. Jordan Golin

Dear Community,

The synagogue attack on October 27, 2018 was so horrible, so evil, that our entire community was changed forever. Even now, months later, it’s hardly possible to fathom such a violent act being perpetrated on Jews while they worship. While we are no strangers to anti-Semitic behavior, this particular event that took place in our own community has shaken us all.

But even in the midst of such intense darkness, we found light. That very day, waves of shared outrage, grief, sympathy and even hope began to pour in from all over the world. In the subsequent weeks and months, support came to us from everywhere in every form.

This book is a collection of some of the more than 500 letters received by JFCS, sending the victims and their families, community responders and service agencies and our entire city messages of love and solidarity. These letters told us that we weren’t alone.

At JFCS, we have been comforted by these messages. They clearly demonstrate that our differences give our world beauty and grace, not division and violence.
The process of healing will take a long time, but the care and concern that is being so clearly conveyed here is an important part of that process.

Thank you for being with us. We are with you.


Jordan Golin, Psy D, President and CEO, JFCS


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