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2023 Annual Senior Farmers Market Info

2023 Seniors Farmers Market Info - Pittsburgh

Are you a senior living in Allegheny County? If so, you may be eligible for the 2023 Annual Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program. This annual program provides eligible seniors with one set of vouchers worth $50.00, issued as five vouchers worth $10.00 each.

Get Fresh Produce with the Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program in Allegheny County

The first distribution day for the vouchers is Thursday, June 22, 2023, at all senior centers. Proxy forms are available online at the Allegheny County AAA website, so even if you can’t make it to a senior center that day, you can still receive your vouchers.

To find out if you’re eligible for the program, and for a list of senior centers in the area, visit the Allegheny County AAA website. This is a great opportunity to get fresh, locally grown produce and support our local farmers. Don’t miss out on this chance to improve your nutrition and support our community!

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