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AI & the Job Search

A JFCS Career Services Event: AI tools are an increasingly common fixture of our daily lives, transforming the way we work, create, and communicate. Join us as we present an introduction to AI tools, discuss the opportunities and potential pitfalls of using them in your job search, and provide you…Read More

Reclaiming Your Motivation

A JFCS Career Services Event: Understand why motivation is easily discussed but sometimes difficult to obtain. Learn ways to tap into intrinsic motivational tools along with developing new ones. Also begin to remove the proverbial cement blocks that slow your forward momentum. Presented by Lisa Lenhart – llenhart@jfcspgh.org. Registration closes at 5:00…Read More

Resume Writing Trends

A JFCS Career Services Event: Trends in resume writing continue to evolve. Does your resume clearly showcase your brand and highlight your value? Is it current with the latest trends and formatted for scoring and ranking by applicant tracking systems? Join us for ideas to help make your resume positively…Read More

Job Search Networking Group

A JFCS Career Services Event: If you are a frustrated job seeker, you are welcome to join us for our virtual Job Search Networking Group. It's a great opportunity to expand your network and brainstorm ideas for your job search including job leads, contacts, new target companies, and strategies for…Read More