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Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) Employer Information Session

A JFCS Career Services Event: Join JFCS Career Services as we virtually host recruiters from Carnegie Mellon University for an information and Q & A session! Gain access to employment opportunity details, interview and onboarding process, and more! Visit CMU’s website to apply and learn more: https://www.cmu.edu/jobs/ This event is…Read More

Pre-Employment Requirements and Testing

A JFCS Career Services Event: Have you ever been filling out an online job application thinking you are coming to the end of the process, and then suddenly find yourself answering 80+ questions that don't seem to fit into the application process? Welcome to pre-employment testing. Join us as we…Read More

Behavioral Interviewing Techniques in Action

A JFCS Career Services Event: Join us in learning what behavioral interviewing is and why so many employers use this method. In addition, we will present clear and concise techniques to prepare for behavioral interviews along with an opportunity to practice in a fun and relaxed environment. We hope to…Read More

LinkedIn: Networking Strategies


A JFCS Career Services Event: Learn how to find new networking contacts on LinkedIn. This presentation will discuss and demonstrate how to find new connections at target companies and then take the next steps to develop a professional relationship. This workshop is best viewed on a laptop or desktop computer.…Read More