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Cover Letter Writing Trends

A JFCS Career Services Event: Well written Cover Letters serve as a compelling and strategic component in getting hired. Do you write cover letters that help you to stand out from your competition? Trends in cover letter writing continue to evolve. Join us to gain new insight into how cover…Read More

Executive Functioning

A JFCS Career Development Center Event: Executive function is what allows us to organize, plan, hold information in our brains while working tasks, and take action, making it a vital process in the modern world. In this presentation, we'll provide an overview of what executive function is and how it…Read More

3, 2, 1, Go!

A JFCS Career Development Center Event: Understand why motivation is easily discussed but sometimes difficult to obtain. Learn ways to tap into intrinsic motivational tools along with developing new ones. Also begin to remove the proverbial cement blocks that slow your forward momentum. Presented by Lisa Lenhart – llenhart@jfcspgh.org. *To participate,…Read More

LinkedIn: Networking Strategies


A JFCS Career Development Center Event: Learn how to find new networking contacts on LinkedIn. This presentation will discuss and demonstrate how to find new connections at target companies and then take the next steps to develop a professional relationship. This workshop is best viewed on a laptop or desktop…Read More