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Stories From Our Neighbors

Originally from the United Kingdom, Melissa Watson and her daughter Brynn came to the US as visitors, where Melissa met and married her husband George in 2015. George is a US Citizen, making Melissa and Brynn eligible for permanent residency, so they contacted JFCS Immigration Legal Services for help through the process. Although JFCS helped with Melissa and Brynn’s applications for permanent residence, the costly processing fees and extensive documentation hindered their immigration pathway.

After temporary homelessness, George got a custodian job at a museum and started saving for the $3520 green card filing fees. During the process, USCIS made four evidence requests regarding George’s sole sponsorship, family medical exams, and proof of divorce from George’s first wife; JFCS helped George and his family fill out these lengthy forms and gather documentation. With JFCS’s help, Melissa and Brynn received permanent resident status in September 2019!

Now, Brynn plans to enlist in the US Navy and George and Melissa hope to find ways to support families like theirs through the immigration process!