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Meet Our Staff: Stefanie Small

Small, Stefanie, 2016_2JF&CS is pleased to announce the recent promotion of Stefanie Small from Clinical Services Supervisor to the position of Director of Clinical Services, which became effective July 1. She will add supervision of all psychological services, previously overseen by Dr. Jordan Golin, to her present duties. As previously announced, Jordan will take on the role of CEO at the end of September. Stefanie’s promotion is part of a well thought out transition plan to keep all programs running smoothly.

Stefanie Small came to JF&CS as an intern in 2000 when she was finishing her Masters in Social Work at the University of Pittsburgh. She is also a licensed clinician in counseling in the state of PA, and has been JF&CS’s Clinical Services Supervisor since early 2014.

“I’ve loved this agency since I came here as an intern,” she said. “And I have no plans to go anywhere else. I love this community. My home, worksite and kids’ school are all within five blocks of here. Murray Avenue is my corridor.”

Stefanie describes how, over the years, the need for consulting expertise has greatly increased, taking JF&CS beyond individual counseling services and into nontraditional venues like schools and senior living facilities. When asked what some of her goals were for the department, she said this sharing of expertise would continue to expand.

“It’s about how we can be of the most use to our community,” she said. “So that trajectory will continue. But the key is still making sure our involvement brings measureable value to each person we serve.”

Especially as the local population continues to age, and more elder care and services are needed throughout the community. For example, new residents in many senior living facilities go through an adjustment period, usually after giving up their homes, and in their eyes, their independence. Most facilities don’t have the resources to focus programs specifically on this transition, so JF&CS can provide that assistance, helping new residents make the most of their new situation.

Stefanie laughingly said she is a detail–oriented person, but looks forward to taking on more of the “bigger picture” view of the department. She thinks having “come from the ranks” will prove useful when looking at things from different perspectives and keeping in mind the needs of the whole staff. She’s grateful for the collaborative atmosphere among all her colleagues at JF&CS, and for what she’s learned from the people she considers mentors. She’s become a part of that tradition, ready to mentor others.

“It’s such a warm environment. People aren’t disposable here,” she said. “I’m still excited every time I get an email announcing new staff members, because I love the fact that we take time to get to know everybody. There really is a good reason we keep getting voted one of the best places to work in Pittsburgh!”




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