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Jobseekers shouldn’t discount job hunting during the holiday season

With the holiday season almost in full swing, George Ponticello, career counselor at JF&CS’s Career Development Center, suggests that jobseekers may benefit from maintaining an active job search campaign during this time.


“From past experience, we have found that many of our clients at the Career Development Center land positions in the fourth quarter of the year, as many employers want to utilize their remaining hiring budgets and get new employees on board for the beginning of the new year,” George says.


The holiday months can also bring increased opportunities for those willing to take seasonal and holiday positions, by connecting candidates to employers and offering the potential for temporary positions to extend to full-time employment, or positioning job seekers for future opportunities at those companies.


Although hiring tends to slow down towards mid-December, the holiday season also provides numerous opportunities for networking and reconnecting with former acquaintances who may be valuable job search resources.


“Always be open to exploring all possibilities when you’re looking for employment,” George says. “You never know where a job lead may come from or when a new career option may turn into a great opportunity.”


At the Career Development Center, we’re here for those who are unemployed and looking for work, as well as those who want to make a career change; helping jobseekers and career-changers navigate the job search process by providing extensive resources and support. Career Development Center staff work with people of all ages and levels of experience to help them find employment and build careers in our region, even in the difficult and competitive job climate so many are currently facing.


If you are looking for a new job, or know someone who is, the Career Development Center can help. Call (412) 422-5627, visit www.careerdevelopmentcenter.org or email info@careerdevelopmentcenter.org to learn more.