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Another successful Farmers Market season – thank you!

Wow! Judging from the snow gently falling from the sky as this article is being written, summer is long gone, and even fall seems like it’s fading fast. And that brings the Farmer’s Market season to a close. If you were a regular attendee of the Squirrel Hill Farmers Market, you know that the last few weeks were cold! People nevertheless bundled up and braved the weather and came for fresh winter produce like pumpkins and apples.
Throughout the season, as we experienced the weather change from boiling hot to freezing cold, what stayed the same was the amazing support from so many members of our community. Whether it was a family of volunteers, produce donation, or even a friendly wave hello, you helped us get through the season with a smile and the knowledge that the Pantry was filled with produce for our clients to enjoy.
When adding up the final poundage from the season, we were amazed! Arielle’s two-door car was barely able to fit it all! In total, we collected a whopping 1,877 pounds of produce (and an additional $118 in cash donations). Thank you to everyone who came out to support the Food Pantry this season! We look forward to seeing everyone next year!