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Congrats to Compass AmeriCorps Volunteer, Mike Knapp!

Recently, our AmeriCorps Volunteer Mike Knapp was named as one of PennSERVE’s Members of the Year! Mike has been working in the JFCS Refugee & Immigrant Services department to help new refugees navigate life here, especially when it comes to medical appointments and healthcare. \

As a pre-med student, Mike interned with JFCS and learned the importance of advocating for healthcare access for low or no-English speaking populations. Because of his work helping refugees with JFCS, he was recognized as one of PennSERVE’s members of the year! Congrats!

Learn more about Mike and the work he’s been doing at JFCS in the videos below.

Interview with President & CEO Dr. Jordan Golin

Volunteer Corner Feature

Demonstration for Newer Refugees on Getting Tested for COVID-19

Compass AmeriCorps Member Spotlight

Check out this interview with Literacy Pittsburgh / Compass AmeriCorps on Mike’s experience in the Compass AmeriCorps program. Read the article