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5 Reasons Why JFCS is the Best Place to Work

jfcs is the best place to work

JFCS Pittsburgh is known for the work they do in the community–helping immigrants, resettling new refugees, working with seniors, running the food pantry, advocating on behalf of the most vulnerable. But only some of us have the honor of getting an inside look at what it’s really like to work there!

Sure, JFCS is listed as one of Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Top Workplaces for the last 9 years, but what does that really mean? Well, here are 5 reasons why JFCS is one of the best places to work! (Plus some current opportunities to do so!) 

The Staff 💜

Want to work at a place where your coworkers can become your friends? At JFCS, the staff are friendly and sincere, as well as passionate about the work they do. Working alongside people who care about the same things you do means you have a lot in common and can get along with them both in and out of the workplace. Plus the staff at JFCS tend to have a great sense of humor, making the workday just a little bit more fun. 

The Services 👐

You may know about some of our services–but that probably just scratches the surface! From refugee resettlement to senior transportation to guardianship to citizenship to neurodiversity in the workplace, JFCS’s services cover a wide range of people and challenges that they’re facing. We have dozens of programs under the umbrellas of refugee and immigrant services, counseling, senior services, career development, food pantry, guardianship, and immigration legal services. You can find the full list of our current programs here (for now…it’s ever-growing!). 

The Environment 💻

If you work in a place you enjoy being at, it makes it that much easier to wake up and go every morning. Even in a remote setting, the administrative staff of JFCS work hard to make sure we all feel supported and cared for. Throughout this pandemic, we’ve played virtual games, had buddy meet-ups, played “Match the Pet,” submitted photos of our favorite outdoor places around the city, done art therapy and meditation, and even played a virtual escape room! If that’s what we’ve done through a computer and email, imagine what we do when we’re actually at the office! At JFCS, we make sure you have a chance to really get to know your coworkers and take a breather from the day-to-day grind to have fun, relax, and sometimes learn new things. JFCS also encourages you to take advantage of professional development and grow your skills and knowledge of your field. Check out this article featuring our COO Dana Gold on making the virtual workplace fun.

The Work-Life Balance 🤩 

There are only a handful of places to work in Pittsburgh that you can get between 14-18 holidays a year… PLUS vacation and sick time. It’s great to be able to work at a place that allows you to take time to spend with your loved ones over important holidays and even works with flexibility for people who don’t celebrate traditional Jewish or Christian holidays. JFCS not only prioritizes a great work environment but also life outside of work as well. We’ve got a LOT of work to do–don’t get me wrong–but never at the expense of your personal life, family, and friends. You are highly encouraged to relax over holidays and take vacation and sick time when you need to!

The Network 🏙️

If you ever felt like you don’t know a lot of people in Pittsburgh, JFCS will change that in a heartbeat. Not only will you immediately have a network of 100 coworkers, you’ll quickly be connected to colleagues and counterparts at our partner organizations and well! The thing about JFCS is that we don’t work alone–we work together with organizations, both in the Squirrel Hill community and all over the county, to make sure our clients are getting the best possible services and having their needs met. You’ll meet so many amazing people through the work at JFCS–people who are working towards the same goals as you who can help you learn, grow, and expand your perspective.


Interested? We have a place for you! Check the amazing job opportunities we have open right now and send your application today! Maybe you’re just the person we’re looking for. 🙂 

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