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JFCS is Here in the New Year

JFCS is here for you - during 2021 and COVID

In 2021, JFCS continues to help the community in many ways! Here are the programs we offer and how you can connect to them when you need support. Want to support our programs? Donate to our Annual Appeal at jfcspgh.org/annualappeal.

JFCS Career Development Center

  • Career Counseling – Whether you’re recently laid off, long-time unemployed, or just looking to upgrade, we can help you revamp your resume, create a plan, and find the jobs that are right for you.
  • Immigrant Workforce Program – We help immigrants and refugees develop career skills and English language skills to get better jobs and create better opportunities for themselves.
  • Career Accelerator Program – In partnership with Literacy Pittsburgh, we’re now offering a 12-week fast track GED program, which includes career counseling and workforce development, even after the test is over.
  • ed2go Partnership – Access affordable and convenient online classes that help you gain certifications and skills that you need to pursue your career goals.
  • EmployAble – We help individuals with mental health challenges and on the autism spectrum develop a career strategy, navigate the job search process, and gain employment with welcoming, innovative companies like Argo AI. 
  • Youth Programs – Through 412 Futures and Learn & Earn, we help students develop skills, set goals, and gain relevant experience for their future careers.

412-422-5627 | cdc@jfcspgh.org

JFCS Counseling Services

  • Therapy – We provide tailored counseling for individuals, adolescents, couples, and families to help you navigate life’s challenges.
  • Support Groups – We offer several support groups in both formal and drop-in settings. Check our Events calendar for information about casual, drop-in support groups or contact us for information about our formal support groups to see if one is right for you.
  • Additional Support – We also provide support for families with individuals who have special needs or people who are survivors of domestic abuse. Please contact us to learn more.
  • UpStreet – In 2020, we launched a new program for teens and young adults focused on mental health. Clients ages 12-22 can chat with a counselor on our website, schedule an appointment on their own, or connect with a peer mentor!

412-521-3800 | counseling@jfcspgh.org

JFCS Guardianship

  • Guardianship of Person or Estate – JFCS’s responsibilities as guardians of a person include making daily decisions about their personal affairs, always with the idea of protecting their autonomy, independence, and rights. In exercising duties as guardian of an estate, JFCS manages a ward’s financial responsibilities exclusively to the benefit of that individual. If you wish to refer someone, please fill out the form to schedule a meeting with our staff.
  • Power of Attorney – Through written and notarized Power of Attorney (POA) documents, individuals deemed incapable of making decisions on their own can give JFCS the responsibility and legal power to act on their behalf, according to the terms of the agreement.


JFCS Immigration Legal Services

  • Citizenship Services – We can help you navigate the citizenship process, including connecting you with test preparation resources, medical providers, and other legal providers. 
  • Relatives – We can help you apply to bring your relative to the US and navigate the process. Must have legal permanent residence or be a US citizen to use these services.
  • Refugees & Asylees – We help refugees and asylees obtain permanent resident cards, apply for travel documents, and petition to bring relatives.
  • Unaccompanied Minors – Our staff works with unaccompanied minors to be reunited with family members or gain Special Immigrant Visa status here in the US. 
  • Removal Assistance – We can help individuals who are going through the removal process understand their options and navigate the legal system.
  • Humanitarian Assistance – We help individuals apply for or renew Temporary Protected Status, renew visitor visas in the event of medical emergency, help victims of domestic violence apply to keep the permanent residence status they may have gained through marriage, and provide information to victims of violent crimes or human trafficking so that they understand their rights and options.
  • Continued Education for Attorneys – Starting December 2020, we are offering continued education classes designed for family lawyers to understand the legal process for unaccompanied minors. Contact us for more information. 

412-904-5966 | immigrationlegal@jfcspgh.org

JFCS Refugee & Immigrant Services

  • Resettlement – Our team helps refugees as they arrive in the US by providing housing, furniture, food, and connecting them to vital resources like medical care and education. We also provide intensive case management for families and individuals when necessary.
  • Support Groups – We have peer-led support groups for various immigrant communities around the city. Some groups cover specific topics while others are more general. Contact us to see if we have a group for you.
  • Refugee Employment Services – For new arrivals and refugees within their first five years of residence, we offer employment services to help individuals gain employment and be able to gain and maintain financial stability.
  • Immigrant Services and Connections (ISAC) – The ISAC program provides service coordination, assistance, and referrals for any immigrant living in Allegheny County, as well as individuals from US territories such as Puerto Rico. Whether you need one time assistance or support over a period of time, we can help you connect to the resources and providers in the city that you need.

412-422-7200 | refugee@jfcspgh.org

JFCS Senior Services

  • AgeWell Pittsburgh – AgeWell offers many services, including an Information and Referral hotline, rides/transportation, home visits (phone calls during COVID), and a library rental program. 
  • Support for Holocaust Survivors – JFCS works to address the unique needs of Jewish victims of Nazi persecution through services including home-based care, counseling and help in filing claims for reparations.
  • Care Management – Our team can work with you and your family to provide an in-home assessment of the needs of elderly family members. We can also help you coordinate in-home care to help your relative live more independently or help with the transition into a residential care facility.
  • Counseling – We provide counseling services for older adults, focusing on common challenges such as grief, loss of independence, or health challenges. We also provide counseling and support for family caretakers and families going through transitions with an older loved one.
  • Caregiver Connections – We work to connect in-home caregivers to older adults directly, rather than going through third-party agencies. This provides a cheaper cost to the client and better pay for the caregiver, while helping make sure the needs of both are met.

Hotline: 412-422-0400

JFCS Squirrel Hill Food Pantry

  • Food Assistance – We provide a food pantry for the 15217 zip code, as well as any Kosher individuals and families in the region. We also can provide one-time emergency food assistance for people outside the 15217 zip code and help them connect to resources in their neighborhood.
  • Critical Needs Services – Our social workers help community members through crises through individualized support, referrals to service providers, and more. We help address issues contributing to food insecurity to make individuals more self-sufficient in the long term. 
  • Financial Resources – We work with JFunds to connect you to financial resources in times of emergency. 

412-421-2708 | foodpantry@jfcspgh.org

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