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Testimonial about the JFCS Career Development Center from UPMC

JFCS Career Development Center Testimonial

“I’m still reflecting on the synergy of our most recent POWRR cohort that met last week at JFCS. Each participant brought a completely different perspective shaped by their culture, education, and work experience. Their willingness to learn from each other created a collaborative space that reflected UPMC’s values of Caring & Listening and Dignity & Respect before they even learned about the organization’s mission, vision, and values. This POWRR (Partnership on Workforce Readiness and Retention) cohort, which brought together people who otherwise might not be seated around the same conference table, is a testament to the importance of cultivating an environment where employees can bring their full selves to work. Diversity in every form adds so much value to our conversations and strengthens our organizations. Special thanks to our partners at the JFCS Career Development Center and our friends in Talent Acquisition at UPMC!”

Eden Sittsamer, Workforce Development Specialist at UPMC.

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