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Counseling and resource referral, adoptive family search

If you are facing an unintended pregnancy, you have options to consider that will affect your life and that of your baby’s forever. Please know that you are not alone. Our knowledgeable, non-judgmental and compassionate staff will work with you and fully support whichever option you determine is best for you.

All calls to our office are strictly confidential. You can call us at 412.422.8567 at any time for a private, non-judgmental conversation.

We are not here to judge, but to give you information about all of your options, help you think everything through and connect you with the resources you need. We also offer post-adoption support, if applicable. We provide counseling and referral services during your pregnancy and afterwards.

How We Help

We’ll provide objective, supportive, strictly confidential counseling that is respectful of each person’s background and culture, situation and needs. Our services are available whether or not you decide to pursue adoption. We provide information and referral to a wide range of community resources.

JoAnn White, Director | 412-422-8567 | jwhite@jfcspgh.org

We know your main concern is giving your baby a stable, secure, safe and loving future. If you have decided to make an adoption plan, JFCS Family Hope will work with you to identify the “right” family for your baby.

How We Help

You are in control. You can develop a plan that includes ongoing contact or none. You can choose the adoptive family yourself, or trust us to do it. We thoroughly investigate all prospective families, and have couples already approved. We will make post-adoption visits to ensure your child’s well-being.

FHC can help you write a Post Adoption Contact Agreement (PACA) if you want to have an open adoption. If you want to choose a friend, family member or other recommended couple, we can help to determine if they are a good choice through the home study process.

JoAnn White, Director | 412-422-8567| jwhite@jfcspgh.org