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Promoting Community Mental Health

JFCS Counseling Services provides staff development, crisis counseling and educational workshops for organizations; consultation and training for preschool/daycare personnel for addressing children's behavioral health needs; and family life education programs focusing on a variety of topics including disability awareness, caring for aging parents and domestic violence.

JFCS Counseling Services therapists offer training and consultation with staff at schools, camps, synagogues and other organizations. Licensed social workers and psychologists provide training in areas such as staff morale, conflict resolution and stress management.

How We Help

In schools and organizations that serve children, we partner with you to provide observation, intervention and other services. We offer training to staff in areas such as developmental issues, identifying and responding to behavioral problems and conflicts, understanding mental health issues in youthful populations, how to deal with a crisis and more.

At senior facilities like nursing homes and housing communities, we educate staff about issues pertaining to aging such as mental health status, identifying and addressing inappropriate or concerning behavior, recognizing emotional needs and general counseling issues as they relate to seniors.

We also serve businesses and professional groups, such as Chambers of Commerce, through workshops and educational seminars that cover topics like mental health issues in the workplace. We provide employees with appropriate resources to address private concerns and individual needs.

Counseling Services | 412-422-7200 | counseling@jfcspgh.org

Healthy social and emotional development during the early years of life provide a foundation for later success. Our goal is to support you as you help the children in your care develop appropriate social and emotional foundations to foster their continued growth.

How We Help

Our services to preschools and daycare centers equip your staff with the knowledge and tools they need to understand and address the social and emotional needs of young children. We provide training, consultation, observation, assessment and direct support and referrals for children and families. With these skills, potential problems can be identified and addressed early. We also provide direct intervention (counseling, consultation), working with children and their parents to address behavior problems, as well as links to services and opportunities from which they may benefit.

Counseling Services | 412-422-7200 | counseling@jfcspgh.org

We offer education programs that focus on a variety of topics including disability awareness, caring for aging parents and domestic violence.

How We Help

JFCS Counseling Services presents workshops and seminars that give community members the tools and insight to address issues such as parenting, children with special needs, stepfamilies, stress, domestic abuse and more.

Outreach programming builds awareness of specific issues and provides practical information. Group presentations provide an opportunity for sharing experiences and exchanging ideas.

Counseling Services | 412-422-7200 | counseling@jfcspgh.org

Mental health has become a growing issue for our families.  More and more children are suffering from depression, anxiety, and other disorders that need to be addressed. But many families are not equipped to handle their children’s behaviors or diagnoses, and they don’t know where to turn.

How We Help

Our professional staff offers counseling to individuals and families.

JFCS Counseling Services has also developed a handbook, Everything You Wanted to Know About Your Child’s Mental Health But Are Afraid To Ask. The information in the handbook is provided to educate families about mental health and guide them through an often difficult journey.

You can read an electronic copy of this handbook below. Hard copies are available at no charge from JFCS Counseling Services. You may want to share them with colleagues, families, teachers and others.

This handbook was made possible through the generosity of the Seed family in memory of Alex Edward Seed, and funded by the Alex Seed Mental Health Fund with assistance from Rodef Shalom Congregation.


Counseling Services | 412-422-7200 | counseling@jfcspgh.org

Download PDF here



We’re committed to supporting you. While the tragic mark of the attack will be felt forever, JFCS will be here for you, whoever you are, in the days, months and years ahead.​

How We Help

Trauma affects people differently, and recovery is an individual experience. To schedule an appointment with a JFCS trauma therapist, please call our office at 412.422.7200.

If you would like to speak to someone immediately, help is available 24/7 from the Center For Victims Hotline at 1.866.644.2882.

If this is an emergency, dial 911.

Ongoing Support Groups

Dealing with Grief and Loss in Difficult Times: Meets every other Monday from 5:00pm-6:00pm on Zoom – Register here

Community Mindfulness and Meditation: Meets every other Tuesday from 11:00am-12:00pm on Zoom – Register here

Community Art Therapy: Meets every other Thursday from 5:00pm-6:00pm on Zoom – Register here 

New groups and classes being added regularly, please check the JFCS calendar and 1027healingpartnership.org

Dear Pittsburgh, a book of letters of support

We have received support from communities worldwide. This book is a collection of some of the more than 500 letters received by JFCS, sending the victims and their families, community responders and service agencies and our entire city messages of love and solidarity. These letters told us that we weren’t alone.

Read the book here

Counseling Services | 412-422-7200 | counseling@jfcspgh.org

UpStreet is a drop-in center – where anyone, ages 12-22, can just hop onto the live chat to meet with a therapist for free.

You don’t need to wait for an appointment or figure out how to pay for therapy. Whether you want to meet once or every week, our team is ready to listen.

Visit upstreetpgh.org for more!