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How JFCS Helped the Community Celebrate Passover

JFCS Passover Activities

This Passover, JFCS helped the community celebrate through several initiatives. Here is a roundup of everything that we did over the past few weeks for Passover.

Passover Food Distribution at the Pantry

This year’s Passover distribution was another logistical feat. We met our delivery driver at 6am, unloaded the pallets, and had everything up and running within a very short window of time. We scheduled clients for Passover alongside our regular distribution.

The Pesach distribution included both a non-perishable bag of Passover staples and a bag of fresh produce. We are thankful for the mashgiach of the VAAD and our community for ensuring a bountiful Passover!

JFCS Squirrel Hill Food Pantry Director Matthew Bolton also talked with JFCS President & CEO Dr. Jordan Golin about Passover and food insecurity in the Jewish community. Watch the video and learn more about our Passover food distribution here.

Alternative Ways to Celebrate for Seniors & Community Members

JFCS Director of Clinical Services Stefanie Small spoke with the Jewish Chronicle about other ways to celebrate Passover and eliminate isolation during the holiday. “’Reach out and invite someone to sit on your porch with you,’ said Small. ‘Maybe sing some seder songs during the day. Nobody says that all of those have to be done at night.’ With proper planning, popular holiday foods, like chocolate matzah, can be enjoyed by people outdoors together, especially now that the weather’s nicer.” Read more here.

Passover Recipes

Our Food Pantry’s monthly newsletter always features a healthy recipe, and this month’s was No Sugar-Added Charoset. Get the recipe here. Program Assistant Samantha Monks also created a cooking demonstration of Matzo Ball Soup for the pantry’s March workshop at the Sally & Howard Levin Clubhouse. Clubhouse members who signed up received a meal kit, complete with all the ingredients needed to make matzo ball soup and two cooking staples: a produce knife and a cutting board. Watch the cooking demo below and stay tuned for two more cooking demonstrations coming later this year!