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November Food Pantry volunteers & friends – Thank You!!!

JFCS Squirrel Hill Food Pantry thanks all our volunteers, individuals and groups, young and old, new and familiar. If you would like to volunteer to help the Pantry, call Stacie at 412-421-2708.

To learn more about being one of our food pantry volunteers – visit us at jfcspgh.org/foodpantry!


Below: On November 17th we had Repair the World and PJ Library families come to volunteer at the Pantry. They read “Bagels from Benny” and talked to the families about how they would be giving back to their community by helping at the Pantry. They brought donations, packed produce, and helped stock our shelves! The children were so enthusiastic and enjoyed finding where all of the food went on the shelves. Thanks to everyone who came!


Below: A huge “Thank you!” to Junior League for bringing us four volunteers in under 24 hours! They came to help clear some piled up donations from our amazing High Holiday Food Drive and get us ready for our busy week! They consistently answer the call when we need them!


Below: (L) Siemen’s once again held a food drive for the Pantry and volunteered to weigh and stock the shelves! It totaled 475 pounds! Thank you to everyone who came out and donated – we appreciate your donations so much!

(R) Say hello to our S&T Bank crew, Brian (l) and Ron (m), who come every month for an hour to help us stock up on produce! Ron’s son Carson (r) came along this time. He was a great produce packer and we hope he comes back again to help!



Below: (L) Beth El Congregation of the South Hills volunteered in November to help with our monthly pack-out! They all stepped up and filled our coolers with fresh produce, stocked our shelves with our 6,000 lb truck that came in on Friday, and overall were such a delight! Thank you to everyone who came and we hope to see you again at our next Beth El packout!

(R) Last month! Nicole and Michael of Temple Beth El came to help with the huge amount of High Holiday Food Drive donations we received throughout the month. Nicole said she was “trying to offer social action opportunities through a fall social action initiative to individuals which may turn into groups of members.” Michael also usually doesn’t have the chance to volunteer at the Pantry on Sundays due to other engagements, so it was great to host him and show him around the Pantry. Thanks to you both!