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Food Pantry Volunteers and friends (July) – Thank You!!!

JFCS Squirrel Hill Food Pantry thanks all our volunteers, individuals and groups, young and old, new and familiar. If you would like to volunteer to help the Pantry, call Stacie at 412-421-2708.

To learn more about being one of our food pantry volunteers – visit us at jfcspgh.org/foodpantry!


Below: Regular staff were joiined by volunteers from the UPMC Vocational Center, packing up potatoes, corn, carrots, sorting and stocking donations, and weighing in donated bread!

Below Left: volunteers from the Panopto Pittsburgh office came and bagged kale and stocked 70 pounds of food on our shelves – thank you to Kristina, Alex, and Heather!

Below Right: Debbie and her 3 children were here to volunteer for the last time in the summer, helping us pack up green peppers and snack packs. They have been such a help to the Pantry! Thanks for everything you did this summer, friends!

Below: In July we received some beautifully bagged produce – corn, apples and oranges –  from the J&R Day Camp that weighed in at 45 pounds! Thank you to Lewis for dropping them off and to all the kids that worked so hard decorating and packing the bags!