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Covid-19 Vaccine Registration Information March 2021

***Tips compiled by the Facebook Group Getting Pittsburgh Vaccinated. Join group for more information and appointment opportunities that pop up throughout the week.

Walmart Clinics

Walmart is hosting several clinics across the state, and starting Monday, Cranberry Township Municipal Building is expected to be added to that list. ‭Call 1-800-753-8827‬ from 8 AM to 5 PM M-F. Actual appointment dates/times unknown. You may have trouble getting through and could be on hold for a while.

Who is eligible: All in 1A

Vaccine: Pfizer

Other locations across the state (same number): Connellsville, Pottsville, York, Boalsburg, Exton, Erie, Wilkes-Barre

Rite Aid

Rite Aid has released appointments between 11:50 PM – 12:15 AM at multiple locations over the last week from Tuesday-Saturday (we are counting 12 AM Wednesday as Tuesday night). We do not know for sure this will continue (or if they might occasionally release on Sunday/Mondays) — it will all depend on the supply being sent to stores that week. If you are a night owl, it’s worth checking around this time. We will post to the page as these openings pop up and which locations are booking.

Who is eligible: All in 1A (vaccine varies by location)

Link to Find Appointments: https://www.riteaid.com/pharmacy/covid-qualifier

Third-party site to keep track of available Rite Aid Appointments: https://www.vaxxmax.com/?fbclid=https://www.vaxxmax.com/-ZuDqktc6sXr907LGER-mKDBjLT6PrAk

***For Pennsylvania senior citizens only, Rite-Aid has launched COVID scheduling at 568 Castle Village Rd in Pittsburgh. Call 1-866-674-4659 and go through the prompts x2 x1 x1 x1. This service is only available for next-day scheduling. Please, if you have the ability to schedule online, DO NOT CALL THIS NUMBER.

Allegheny Health Network

Who is eligible: All in 1A (vaccine typically Pfizer, but may vary)Consider checking AHN MyChart in the mornings in case there are a very small number of last-minute appointments released: https://mychart.ahn.org/. They may also be released at their non-member link https://www.ahn.org/coronavirus/ or available by calling 412-DOCTORS.

The AHN Facebook page is very forthcoming with when they expect to release large numbers of appointments.

To schedule an appointment in MyChart, click “Appointments and Past Visits,” then select “Schedule an Appointment.” In the “Tell us why you’re coming in” section, select “COVID-19 Vaccine Initial Dose.” You will be asked to complete the required screening questions prior to scheduling your appointment.


While all appointments were booked last week for this week, cancellations have been popping up randomly:

Who is eligible: ‼ 65+ ONLY ‼ (Pfizer vaccine)

Monday, March 8

Castle Shannon VFD – Pfizer Vaccine


Tuesday, March 9

Castle Shannon VFD – Pfizer Vaccine


Monroeville DoubleTree – Moderna Vaccine


Wednesday, March 10

Castle Shannon VFD – Pfizer Vaccine


Thursday, March 11

Monroeville DoubleTree – Moderna Vaccine


Saturday, March 13

Monroeville DoubleTree – Moderna Vaccine


Excela Health

Check in the morning through the early afternoon to see if appointments pop up. They do go quickly when released.

Who is eligible: All in 1A (Moderna vaccine at this time)

Link to schedule (when available): https://www.excelahealth.org/Home/Coronavirus-Information/COVID-19-Vaccine-Information

If you do not have computer access, you may register by dialing 724-689-1690 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday – Friday to schedule an appointment.

CVS Pharmacy

CVS is now scheduling appointments at several locations when available. New allocations typically go live between 5-7 AM. Several of these locations are distributing the J&J vaccine, and teachers/child care providers are eligible to receive it. It should be noted that the state is setting up intermediary units to vaccinate the state’s teachers. CVS is encouraging child care providers and pre-K teachers to take advantage of this opportunity.

Who is eligible: All in 1A

Vaccine: Pfizer or J&J, depending on location

How to Register: Go to https://www.cvs.com/ and click on Covid Vaccine Availability or go to https://www.cvs.com/immunizations/covid-19-vaccine?icid=cvs-home-hero1-link2-coronavirus-vaccine

Tip: Go through the site at night and get to the zip code page so you can search in the morning and won’t have to wait on the waiting room page.

Giant Eagle

Giant Eagle appointments are posted randomly at different times of the day, typically during normal pharmacy hours. The page refreshes every 5 minutes. If you type in a zip code and it says no appointments are available in that area, try again five minutes later. If you get to the calendar and the date showing says no appointments available, keep hitting refresh (Ctrl+R on a Mac, F5 on PC) until you see it change to a new date, then quickly click and try to grab an available time. If you get stuck on a pop-up box that says Processing, that means someone else grabbed it faster than you. Click back and search the zip code again. Make note of when the calendar updates on your device, then just start refreshing every five minutes from that point.

*See more helpful tips on our Resource Document linked at the bottom of this post.

Who is eligible: All in 1A (vaccine varies by location)

Link to search for appointments: https://gianteaglesched.rxtouch.com/gesched/program/immunizations/Patient/Advisory


If you haven’t already, get on UPMC’s waiting list to be contacted when appointments are being scheduled. We have seen many group members reporting they have been contacted in the last few days to confirm information and schedule.

Link to Sign Up for Contact (Waiting) List: https://vaccine.upmc.com/

Phone Number to Get on Contact (Waiting) List: Call 844-876-2822 between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m., seven days a week

Spartan Pharmacy

Spartan Pharmacy (which hosts vaccine clinics in the South Hills) is contacting people to sign up for upcoming clinics on its invitation list. If you would like the opportunity to be invited, please visit www.spartanpharmacy.com and enter your contact info on their new home page. If you have already signed up, you are good to go.

Please do NOT call the stores. These events are being managed by the vaccination team, and the store staff do not have access to sign ups or information about clinics.

Butler Health System

For Butler/Clarion/Forest Counties ONLY ‼

Butler Health System is now vaccinating everyone in 1A through clinics held at both Butler Memorial Hospital and Clarion Hospital. Check their website and click on both of the locations at the bottom of the page to see if appointments come up throughout the week.

Link to check for appointments: https://www.butlerhealthsystem.org/CoronaVirus/COVID19-Vaccine-Scheduling.aspx

Link to Our Group Resource Document:

They have compiled a comprehensive list of appointment providers that we know of (including places with wait lists), with helpful tips on how to get the appointments. https://docs.google.com/document/d/15NYz7vd9Ed-b6TOK5tOrtqgU8uEfSkrbLrAPaHe0kt4/edit?usp=sharing