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Celebrating the Volunteer of the Year Nominees

The achievements of JFCS are a testament to the power of collaboration between our dedicated staff, valued clients, and the incredible volunteers who selflessly contribute their time and efforts. Together, we have created a thriving community where compassion, support, and empowerment flourish.

This year, our staff recognized the exceptional dedication and commitment of six extraordinary individuals through their nominations for the prestigious Aryeh Sherman Volunteer of the Year Award. These nominees have gone above and beyond, leaving a lasting impact on our organization and the lives of those we serve.

Norma and Eva Schmidt, from JFCS Youth Services, have created a nurturing environment for students in the Bridge Builders program, providing essential support, mentoring, and educational resources. Their dedication has helped students find their voice and thrive.

Alex Wreschnig, from JFCS Refugee & Immigrant Services, has been instrumental in establishing a strong support system for a newly arrived refugee family, offering language assistance, cultural guidance, and opportunities for enrichment. His commitment to ensuring a smooth transition for the family has been truly inspiring.

Theresa “T” Grencik, from JFCS Immigration Legal Services, has been instrumental in helping clients on their path to naturalization. Her unwavering support, attention to detail, and compassionate approach have helped clients navigate the complex legal process with confidence.

Deb Press Sindler, from the JFCS Squirrel Hill Food Pantry, has demonstrated exceptional dedication throughout the pandemic, ensuring that clients with mobility challenges continue to receive essential food deliveries. Her proactive attitude and commitment to meeting the needs of the community have been truly remarkable.

Randi Cohen, from JFCS Career Services, has gone above and beyond to support clients on their career journeys. From conducting mock interviews to networking and connecting clients with employment opportunities, Randi’s unwavering commitment has empowered individuals to achieve their professional goals.

As we gathered in July to honor these exceptional volunteers, we celebrated their unwavering dedication and the positive impact they have made on our mission and the vulnerable communities we serve. Their selflessness and commitment serve as an inspiration to us all, reminding us of the profound difference we can make when we come together in service and support.