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AgeWell and Point Breeze Veterinary Clinic Hold Pet Wellness Day

Residents of the Forward Shady senior hi-rise in Squirrel Hill were treated to a free Pet Wellness Day, organized by JFCS’s Ellen Leger. Drs. Stephanie Berger, Christie Schroth and Caroline Simard and four vet techs from Point Breeze Veterinary Clinic generously donated their time. All the vaccines and supplies were donated as well.

The crew went apartment by apartment to meet pets and owners where they live. Pets were given an examination, any needed vaccinations, nail trim and ear cleaning as necessary. The reward for good behavior was a swag bag filled with toys and treats!

Studies show that having pets can provide health benefits. Animals alleviate loneliness and stress. Dogs especially may add exercise to owners’ days, plus connection and sociability by getting out and about around the community.

But having pets can be expensive; the average annual exam at the vet’s can run hundreds of dollars. Creating this opportunity for these residents helped pet owners save a little money and the hassle of transporting pets, and helped the pets themselves stay healthy.

Another similar event is planned for fall.

Many thanks to Point Breeze Veterinary Clinic Inc for all of their hard work in making our Pet Day a success!

Take a look at these adorable little kitties and puppers along with their owners!