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Immigrants & Refugees
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Immigrants & Refugees

Jewish Family & Children's Service is an acknowledged leader in helping immigrants and refugees resettle and successfully build new lives in our community.

For Immigrants. If you were born outside the United States and if you are interested in becoming a U.S. citizen, or if you are an immigrant with limited financial means and need help with immigration-related legal issues, our immigration attorneys and Board of Immigration Appeals Accredited Representatives can help you.

If you would like to do an internship/externship or volunteer in the legal department, please contact Jamie Englert at and include a copy of your resume.

For Refugees. In addition, comprehensive resettlement services are provided to individuals and families fleeing persecution in their homeland—both those outside our country who have been granted refugee status by the Department of Homeland Security/U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Service (USCIS) and brought to our country for resettlement, and those who are already in the United States and have been granted asylum.

If you would like to do an internship or volunteer in the refugee services department, please email

Immigration-Related Legal Services

If you need legal advice about an immigration-related legal matter, but cannot afford to hire a private attorney, you can turn to JF&CS. JF&CS is officially recognized by the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) and Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR), and as such, our immigration attorneys and accredited representatives are able to provide such assistance free or at nominal fees.

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Naturalization Services

Naturalization is the legal process through which individuals 18 years of age or older who were not born here but were lawfully admitted to the United States can become U.S. citizens. In order to be naturalized, an applicant must first be qualified to apply for citizenship. Our experienced staff can help you prepare the application, collect all the supporting documentation and prepare you for the naturalization interview and test. Upon successful completion of these steps, you will take an oath of allegiance and become a citizen.

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Employment Services

JF&CS provides employment assistance to people with refugee status through our Refugee Services program and our Career Development Center.

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Refugee Resettlement

Since our inception, Jewish Family & Children's Service has been resettling individuals and families that have fled their homes due to fear of persecution, imprisonment or death simply because of his or her race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group or political opinion. JF&CS works to resettle refugees in our communities, providing for their basic needs and acculturation into our community and workforce.

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