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We’re here to help

At the JFCS Squirrel Hill Food Pantry, we offer relief through food assistance and supportive social services for those who are struggling with food insecurity and hunger.

Families and individuals meeting income eligibility requirements for food assistance can receive nutritious food and fresh produce to help supplement stretched budgets and food stamp allowances. Additionally those in need of emergency food or kosher food outside of 15217 are welcome.

How We Help

If you are having trouble providing enough food for yourself or your family, you are not alone. We help with one-time emergency food packages and food assistance on a recurring basis. Once you are enrolled as a Food Pantry client, you will come to the Pantry to shop on a regular schedule and choose which foods you will take home. For those who are elderly, disabled or otherwise unable to come to the Food Pantry in person, we’ll deliver your food to your residence. Additionally, we provide kosher for members of the community who keep kosher homes (advised by the Va’ad HaRabanim of Pittsburgh).

Clients may choose among non-perishables, fresh produce (fruits and vegetables), meat or poultry (as available), personal hygiene products and even pet food.

Our first priority is ensuring you have enough to eat, but we know hunger may only be one of many issues you are facing.

How We Help

For long-term self-sufficiency, we need to address the underlying issues contributing to your food insecurity. We’re here to help through social work support, guidance and resource coordination. We then provide social services that will help you identify and solve emergency situations first, and then help you address additional underlying issues while providing long-term solutions.


Critical Need Hotline  412-742-4215  critical@jfcspgh.org