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Meet April Artz

April Artz

April Artz is the coordinator of the EmployAble program at the Career Development Center, which helps jobseekers with mental health and autism diagnoses find and retain meaningful employment.

Through EmployAble, April helps clients by providing assessment, career counseling, resume and cover letter development and more. April is skilled
at helping her clients develop a job search strategy and keeping them focused on their goals.

"Helping to market clients with invisible disabilities and working with employers to make reasonable accommodations in the workplace to give these individuals a chance is the spirit of the EmployAble program," April says. "I feel so lucky to have this job. Every day varies, but at the end of the day, I know I've had a hands-on role in directly helping someone."

Her work at CDC has helped April discover a new passion around advocating for individuals with disabilities and mental illnesses.

"I'm continuing to get more involved in disability awareness issues and advocacy, thanks to my role at the CDC," April says. "We have an amazing population of people in Pittsburgh who need programs like EmployAble--and now I'm able to look at a bigger picture of how to help people in our community with disabilities, not only with employment, but in all aspects of their lives."

Additionally, April is the director of the Quest Therapeutic Camps and AfterSchool program for children who struggle with mild to moderate emotional and social challenges, through Squirrel Hill Psychological Services.

Previously April worked at Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic at the John Merck outpatient clinic. She also has over 6 years of experience in the wraparound (BHRS) field as a Therapeutic Staff Support, Behavior Specialist Consultant and Mobile Therapist, where she provided support to children in their homes, schools, and communities. She has several years of experience related to designing curriculum for, and running, play-based and therapeutic social skills groups for children on the autism spectrum.

To contact April, call 412-422-5627 or email

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