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Volunteer at JFCS

Volunteers are an essential part of JFCS and we could not fulfill our mission without them. Volunteers stock shelves at the JFCS Squirrel Hill Food Pantry and help clients shop in a dignified manner for food. They collect household and clothing donations, help set up apartments for newly arrived refugees, and visit with refugee families to practice English conversation. They provide rides to help seniors stay active in the community and visits to homebound seniors who live alone—and so much more

Shift Volunteers: Help out at the pantry on a weekly basis! Unload, organize and stock food, guide clients through their pantry shop, explain food options (like Kosher and Halal) to clients, and manage the checkout at the end.

Delivery: Deliver pre-made bags of food to apartment buildings, pick up food gathered by various synagogues around the High Holidays and pick up bread from our partner vendors to be distributed at the JFCS Squirrel Hill Food Pantry.

Groups and Organizations: Sign up with your friends, family, faith based group, or workplace to volunteer at the Pantry. Enjoy a presentation about food insecurity in our region and a hands-on volunteer experience to help stock and organize the Pantry.

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