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Resume Clinic

This clinic is for individuals that would benefit from a step by step instructional class format to create a resume. It will incorporate tools from the career branding and resume workshop and will allow for a hands on building of your own resume. Presented by Robin Farabee-Siers – rfarabee-siers@jfcspgh.org Computer…Read More

Career Branding & Your Resume

Resumes have changed drastically! Learn how to create a resume that reflects your brand and clearly highlights your value proposition. Also discover what format changes are necessary for your resume to be successfully scanned by Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). Presented by Pam Harris – pharris@jfcspgh.org Conference Room A/B There is…Read More

Kickstart Your Motivation – Session 6

A weekly psychoeducational and discussion group that will meet the needs of individuals who are struggling with motivation as it relates to their job search and job retention. Clients will learn to adopt a more active role in their job search and current career, becoming empowered to identify their motivational…Read More

Career Advancement Strategies

Do you find yourself needing a new challenge or looking to advance your career? Come prepared to learn about techniques to move you up or out. Brainstorm with others to uncover tried and true career advancement strategies you may not have considered. Presented by Pam Harris - pharris@jfcspgh.org Conference Room…Read More