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Stay Hydrated This Summer with These Tips

Summer is the peak time for dehydration. Whether you’re working in the garden or just enjoying nice weather, higher temperatures mean your body loses water faster, so you need to drink more to stay hydrated, especially when in the sun or exercising.

Water is always the best choice for hydration, but some of your water intake can come from high-liquid foods like melon, grapes, and greens. Here are some tips that can help you stay hydrated this summer:

  1. Want some flavor in your drink? Try adding fresh fruit to plain water for flavor without added sugar or calories.
  2. Water should be your go-to drink choice. It has no sugar or calories and keeps you hydrated.
  3. Sports drinks are high in sugar as well as electrolytes. Limit them during or immediately after vigorous physical activity. They are designed for intense physical activity. Otherwise, choose water.
  4. Juice can be a great source of vitamins, but it also has a lot of sugar. Try to drink 8 oz or less per day.
  5. Soda is high in sugar and low in nutrients, making it a very unhealthy choice. Drinking water instead of one bottle of soda can save you 200 calories.