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Refugee Medical Case Worker

Refugee Medical Case Worker


Bachelor’s Degree (preferred) in social service, education or related field; two years of experience preferably in refugee or immigrant social services; excellent English (spoken and written); organizational and communication skills as well as ability to work under strict deadlines; ability to work as part of a team with case workers, employment specialists, interpreters and others; sensitive to cultural differences of clients and staff from diverse backgrounds; functional vehicle required; able to work flexible hours.

Position Summary:

Help JFCS to respond with compassion and innovation to the health needs of refugees from around the world that are looking to start a stable life in Pittsburgh. 

The Refugee Medical Case Worker is at the front line of refugee resettlement ensuring refugees access medical care through the provision of pre-migration and post migration activities. The Refugee Medical Case Worker is a key staff in the resettlement team. This position works in coordination with caseworkers, services providers, and government agencies to help refugees navigate the healthcare system,  and access resources. The refugee medical case worker  provides cultural orientations that allow refugees to access medical care independently. This position is supervised and supported by the Refugee Casework Supervisor. 

Expectations of this position

  • Upon initial referral of case, and upon notification of travel, coordinates and documents all activities connected to setting up benefits and medical appointments.  
  • Ensure that refugees, asylees, and other Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) eligible immigrants such as Afghan humanitarian parolees have access to health screenings, follow-up care, and appropriate health education. 
  • Provide culturally and linguistically appropriate health orientation and education for all newly arrived refugees.
  • Assist with appointments at medical offices and benefits with special focus on fostering independence and creating plans for families to handle such appointments on their own. 
  • Fill out all appropriate applications (such as welfare, food stamps, social security, SSI, energy assistance programs, etc.) as required.
  • Work closely with refugee case workers to ensure refugees are provided with core services. 
  • Serves as point person in event of medical emergency and/or urgent needs in the early resettlement period, ensuring client needs are promptly addressed and resolved. 
  • Creates and maintains resettlement files; coordinates file reviews to ensure that all documents and case notes are in file per funding guidelines.
  • Maintains accurate written and electronic records in accordance with funding and agency requirements.
  • Ensures compliance and timely documentation with U.S. Refugee Program requirements through coordination with refugee department staff.
  • Prepares case notes on all contacts with or on behalf of clients as soon as possible after they happen; ensures, directly with other staff or through supervisor, that client files are complete.
  • Participates in departmental staff and planning meetings.
  • Attends refugee resettlement conferences as needed, local, regional and national.
  • Participates in staff development and training opportunities provided by JFCS and others.

About JFCS

Founded 81 years ago, JFCS was voted one of Pittsburgh’s best places to work for 10 years running. We are committed to helping people of all ages and backgrounds through life’s changes and challenges. We do this by providing comprehensive, innovative and compassionate social service programs for everyone who walks through our door and throughout the Greater Pittsburgh region.

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