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Refugee Case Manager

Position Summary

JFCS is launching a new initiative for high needs refugee families with the aspirational goal to help move them toward sustained economic stability and self-sufficiency through the provision of long-term intensive case management and career development services. This pilot program will require innovation, creativity, flexibility and open communication with team staff and the funding entity.

We are developing a dynamic cross-departmental model to achieve the goal of this program and hiring a strong case manager is imperative. We are seeking an experienced case manager who will help develop the program, in partnership with JFCS’s Career Development Center (CDC), to manage the social service needs of the whole family. In addition to helping develop the program, the case manager will be responsible for client intakes, family and individual assessments, plans, action steps and tracking to achieve client-focused goals for clients with barriers including language, cultural and digital literacy.  Position requires ability to assess and address client needs, link and assist clients with navigating social service, medical, and government agencies (etc.) with the goal to develop independence. Connecting clients to English language learning and emphasis on attendance will be key.  Utilization of interpretation will be required.

About JFCS

JFCS is known as a local leader in providing innovative and effective social service solutions to problems facing families and individuals of all ages and walks of life.  Support ranges from counseling services, career services, guardianship services, immigration legal services, refugee and immigrant services, scholarship services and we run the Squirrel Hill Food Pantry.  We offer support without regard to race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, place of birth, gender, sexual orientation, familial status, age, handicap or disability.


Bachelor’s Degree in social service, education or related field. Experience with case management, refugee/immigrant services, service coordination or other social services. Experience with program development. Alert to cross-cultural differences in dealing with vulnerable refugee clients and to their unique needs. Proficiency in another language is a plus. Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively with other departments and organizations to best serve the needs of the client.  Comfort with data management systems. Ability to maintain a valid PA driver’s license and insurance is a requirement.

Duties and Responsibilities (Use of interpretation as appropriate)

  1. Assists with program development including the creation of forms, materials and policies.
  2. Oversees outreach to identify clients.
  3. Screens/meets with clients to determine program suitability.
  4. Provides client intakes and assessments to capture relevant data including English proficiency level and social service needs; assure proper documentation.
  5. Develops individual plans, both short-term and long-term, for all members of the family (including children) to include development of English proficiency as well as building competence in accessing services independently.
  6. Provides client-centered, trauma-informed case management to support connection to services and referrals with partner agencies, county human service providers, schools, healthcare and government entities, etc.
  7. Provides coaching on financial literacy and other goals connected to family/individual plans.
  8. Works closely with the Program Coordinator and Career Counselors to advance client’s personal and family self-sufficiency goals.
  9. Attends program team meetings with Program Coordinator and CDC career counselor.
  10. Collects and records program data both electronically and in paper files. Ensures timely case-noting into the agency information management system; assists with reporting and tracking client progress.
  11. Takes part in program monitoring and evaluation.
  12. Participates in staff development and training opportunities.
  13. Represents JFCS and program with funding and partners. Participates in networking and outreach to external service providers and client/immigrant communities.
  14. Other duties as needed.



Please email cover letter and resume to jobs@jfcspgh.org with “Refugee Case Manager” in the subject line.