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Career Transition Services

Providing services that help your displaced staff achieve smooth career transitions not only shows that you care about their well-being but also affects how remaining staff, customers and the community view your company. How you handle a layoff has immediate, short-term and long-term implications to your business.

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What we do

Our approach will be tailored to fit your particular needs and scale. Our experienced and compassionate staff offer comprehensive, flexible programs at an affordable cost. You can choose a customized service package in any combination of individual counseling and skills or group workshops. We focus on providing the emotional support and career counseling expertise displaced workers need to find their next opportunities faster.

We provide services that help your displaced staff achieve smooth career transitions!

If you need help, please reach out!

Our Benefits

Strategic planning with the CDC Employer Relations Team to ensure smooth career transitions for employers.

Weekly one-on-one meetings with an experienced Career Consultant and Employer Relations Team to help with referrals to employers, networking contacts, search firms, and staffing agencies.





Strategic job search workshop and LinkedIn photo session.

All access to job search workshops, networking groups, and job search productivity group.

Priority access to career fairs, company hiring events and local recruiters.

Weekly job opportunities email blast, the resource library and online learning center.