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News & Stories of Hope

Help Us to Avert the Transit Crisis

What would you do if you didn't own a car -- not by choice, but because you couldn't afford to -- and you relied on public transportation to get you to and from work? Then you heard the news that the Port Authority is proposing to eliminate 46 of 102…Read More

Building families through adoption

At JF&CS's Family Hope Connection (FHC), we work tirelessly every day to build families through adoption. In the last two months, we celebrated four finalizations (the legal process that transfers parental rights to adoptive parents). Since we typically average 10 finalizations a year (of which two to three are usually…Read More

JF&CS helps change the face of Pittsburgh

During the steel mill era in the not-so-distant past, immigrants from all over the world came to Pittsburgh to earn a decent living and to put down their roots. Immigrants still come to Pittsburgh today for the same reasons but now they are looking for jobs in high tech, light…Read More

Give the Gift of Hope to Those in Need

Without the help of supporters like you and our partners, the work of JFCS would not be possible.

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