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Medical Case Worker

Position Summary

This position falls under JFCS’s Refugee & Immigrant Services Department where we provide a continuum of supports to help vulnerable refugees and immigrants transition to life in their new American home. The Medical Case Worker is responsible for assisting such clients who have complex medical or mental health needs with the supports they need to access appropriate care. Given barriers of language and culture, clients often need significant help — from understanding healthcare situations and insurance, scheduling appointments and requesting interpretation to accompaniment to appointments and follow-up. Case manager must be comfortable working with limited English speakers from around the world, utilizing interpretation, advocating for culturally competent care and working as part of a team.


Bachelor’s degree required; MSW or MPH preferred; two years of experience preferably in refugee/immigrant social services; familiarity with medical/mental health systems; excellent organizational and communication skills; ability to work as part of a team including case workers, employment specialists, interpreters and others; sensitive to cultural differences of clients and staff from diverse backgrounds; ability to maintain a driver’s license, insurance and a functional vehicle is required

Note: If candidate is fluent in client languages, then this position may be expanded to include additional responsibilities including translating/interpreting and serving as a cultural liaison between JFCS and refugee/immigrant communities.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Identify individuals/families for services, with input from team.
  • Assess medical/mental health/behavioral needs.
  • Develop individual and family plans of goals and actions.
  • Provide case management including scheduling, requesting interpretation, logistics/transportation support, attendance at appointments, follow-up and advocacy.
  • Ensure completion of appropriate applications (such as welfare, food stamps, social security, SSI, energy assistance programs, WIC, etc.) on behalf of clients who qualify
  • Keep record of necessary medical and benefits appointments for clients who are unable to do so on their own.
  • Attend medical appointments, as needed
  • Assist with appointments at medical offices with special focus on fostering independence and creating plan for clients to handle such appointments on their own in the future
  • Assure appropriate interpretation at appointments and assess client understanding, intervening as necessary. .
  • Advocate for clients’ right to interpretation and culturally competent care.
  • Meet regularly with clients in office/home/community setting to address needs and progress.
  • Assist in development of program outcomes and other measures.
  • Write case notes on all contacts with or on behalf of clients as soon as possible after they happen
  • Maintain accurate written and electronic records in accordance with funding and agency requirements
  • Inform relevant department members of any new information regarding health of clients
  • Delegate, track and ensure proper records for appointments assigned to interns, navigators/interpreters
  • Participate in departmental staff and planning meetings
  • Take part in staff development and training opportunities provided by JFCS
  • Attend relevant conferences as needed, local, regional and national
  • Assume other responsibilities as assigned related to department and JFCS employees in general


Please email cover letter and resume to jobs@jfcspgh.org with “Medical Case Worker” in the subject line.

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