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JF&CS staff recognized with Pittsburgh City Council proclamation

The month of March is designated as National Social Work Appreciation Month, and at Jewish Family & Children’s Service, we are proud to honor and recognize the dedicated and impactful work of the JF&CS social workers and professional staff, as well as the vast array of social services, programs and initiatives the agency provides to individuals and families throughout the Greater Pittsburgh community.

As part of this month of appreciation for social workers everywhere, JF&CS was recently honored with a Pittsburgh City Council Proclamation sponsored by Councilman Corey O’Connor, honoring JF&CS’s extraordinary staff of social workers and the agency’s social service work to the greater community, and proclaiming March 2013 as Social Work Appreciation Month in Pittsburgh.

Councilman O’Connor also visited our offices last week to recognize our agency and the work of our social workers and professional staff.

JF&CS President & CEO Aryeh Sherman, with Councilman Corey O'Connor
JF&CS President & CEO Aryeh Sherman, with Councilman Corey O’Connor, who sponsored the Pittsburgh City Council proclamation recognizing JF&CS’s social workers.

The social workers and professional staff at JF&CS are comprised of the very best professionals in their fields. These individuals play a critical role in helping to improve the social functioning and social conditions for thousands of people in psychological, emotional, economic, physical and/or critical need. JF&CS employs social workers in areas including adoption services through Family Hope Connection, career services through the  Career Development Center, counseling through Squirrel Hill Psychological Services, food-assistance through the  Squirrel Hill Community Food Pantry,  critical needs and emergency assistance,  elder care, guardianship,  services for refugees, services for individuals with special needs and their families and more. Social workers help to ease JF&CS clients through life transitions and crises, and guide them through their journeys.

JF&CS’s social workers show an immense passion for their work that makes a tremendous difference in the lives of so many members of our community, and who deserve appreciation for their work every day. JF&CS commends our social workers and staff for their role in supporting and strengthening the work of the agency, as well as the Greater Pittsburgh community.

So as March comes to an end, I want to thank our JF&CS social work colleagues whose passion for their work makes such a tremendous difference in the lives of so many members of our community, and who are appreciated for their work every day.

To the social workers and staff at JF&CS, and to social workers everywhere, thank you!