Thankfully, the government shut down has ended, but…

The shutdown is over and government employees have gone back to work. It seems that they will receive back pay, but nobody is quite sure when, and it will be least 2 weeks before their next paycheck. Government contractors who were furloughed for the month have no such back pay guarantee. Finally, February SNAP benefits were issued on January 18 and must last through the month of February. We are expecting a surge the last two weeks of February to help them get through till March. Thank you for stepping forward to help your neighbors. Please stay up to date with us in case the shutdown resumes on February 9th.

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Donations may be made online at the link below or mailed to JFCS, 5743 Bartlett Street, Pgh, PA 15217, earmarked for the Food Pantry. Food drives (non-perishable items) may be dropped off at the Pantry (828 Hazelwood Avenue, Pgh 15217) during regular business hours.