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August Food Pantry volunteers & friends – Thank You!!!

JFCS Squirrel Hill Food Pantry thanks all our volunteers, individuals and groups, young and old, new and familiar. If you would like to volunteer to help the Pantry, call Stacie at 412-421-2708.

To learn more about being one of our food pantry volunteers – visit us at jfcspgh.org/foodpantry!


Below: Cub Scout Pack 1818 stopped by in August to volunteer for our monthly packout! They come every year and always accomplish so much for the Pantry – thanks to everyone!

Below: A huge thanks to Siemens’ employees for coming by to help bag green peppers and stock our shelves with miscellaneous items! They’ve hosted food drives for us before and plan on hosting more, and always find time to volunteer at the Pantry. Thanks again!

Below: Donna and her son Jonah came to help us pack snack packs for an hour – they bagged so many that we filled the entire rack with kosher snack packs! Thanks Donna and Jonah for taking time out of your summer to help out.

Below: In August we had the PeerCorps Mentors with Repair the World come for a couple hours to learn about what we do and help out! PeerCorps Mentors serve for a full year alongside Mentees at a designated service site.

They watched Food Stamped and had a great discussion about food insecurity. These high schoolers were considerate, asked a lot of great questions about the Pantry, packed over 300 pounds of produce and stocked over 300 pounds of food on the shelves!

Thank you to Repair the World and the PeerCorps Mentors for being such a wonderful group! We look forward to hosting you again later this year. 

Below: Last month we hosted the Junior League again, a group we always love partnering with! They bagged some green peppers, oranges, and onions (weighing in over 180 pounds!). They’ll be back throughout the year and we look forward to hosting them. Thanks again, Junior League!