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Employer Relations Specialist

Position Summary:

As a leader of workforce development in the Pittsburgh region, the mission of CDC is to help individuals of all abilities and backgrounds to become employed while also connecting employers to a skilled workforce.

The Employer Relations Specialist is responsible for the business development efforts of the Career Development Center (CDC). This position requires a strong understanding of the Pittsburgh job market and workforce development. The Employer Relations Specialist will work with organizations to assess talent needs, design, and implement strategies to develop meaningful employment initiatives. Initiatives include facilitating job placements through identification of job leads and developing outplacement and other business contracts with local and national employers.


  • Bachelor’s degree. Masters preferred.
  • Marketing, consulting, and field representative experience to generate new workforce partners.
  • Proven track record with relevant examples of assignments and projects.
  • Ability to develop and maintain meaningful relationships with businesses and organizations.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills. 
  • Proficient with social media usage for job searching.


  • Seeking a candidate that is enthusiastic, creative, and out-going.
  • Passion for helping individuals achieve independence through work.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Pursue innovative talent acquisition and workforce development initiatives showcasing CDC programming.
  2. Develop and maintain solid employer relationships and remain knowledgeable of current and future employment related trends in the marketplace.
  3. Record keeping and data aggregation in order to best serve employers and job seekers.
  4. Engages businesses in a consultative process to assess their talent acquisition needs, create solutions, and follow-up to assess effectiveness of activities.
  5. Develop and cultivate relationships with business organizations, associations, and private recruiters to disseminate CDC information and engage businesses.
  6. Identify collaborative training opportunities to ensure success of job seekers, as appropriate.
  7. Increase awareness and understanding of the CDC and sell its products and services
  8. Work closely with organizations to help them understand the value of hiring and retaining all CDC clients including populations such as mature workers, recent graduates, refugees and individuals with disabilities.

To apply, please send resume & cover letter to jobs@jfcspgh.org