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Parkland to Pittsburgh: Stronger Together

On Friday, April 5, a group of students, teachers and parents from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, where 17 students and teachers were killed in a mass shooting in February of last year, came to Pittsburgh for the weekend. They came to Pittsburgh to show solidarity and a very personal…Read More

I should be over it by now

Three people, all survivors of a devastating gun violence event, recently took their own lives. This tragic news reignites sadness and heartbreak for all those who have experienced similar violent events: survivors, family and friends of the lost, people whose “it can’t happen here” innocence has been shattered. People like…Read More

Immigrant Career Counselor

Immigrant Career Counselor Position Summary: The vision of CDC is to develop a skilled workforce where all people have the opportunity to reach their employment potential in a thriving local economy. The mission of CDC is to help individuals of all abilities and backgrounds to become employed by connecting employers…Read More

The Weeping Tree of Life

Rabbi Me’irah Iliinsky of San Francisco had been scheduled to come to Pittsburgh and give a talk. Then came October 27th. But her grief for the victims, the Jewish people and our community eventually expressed itself in something beautiful, a painting she delivered to Pittsburgh on Friday, March 8th. On…Read More