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AgeWell Visits scores again!

Volunteers continue to cheer up and make friends with area seniors who might need a light helping hand or just a friendly visit.

One new match was made between Shulamit Bastacky and Lissa Guttman and her family. Shulamit is a Holocaust survivor who still maintains a busy schedule speaking about her experiences at schools and other public forums. She also collects teddy bears! But she also lives alone with limited mobility.

Lissa Guttman is a JFCS Board member with two young daughters. Shulamit took 4 ½ year old Morgan on a wheelchair ride at their very  first meeting! We’d say they hit it off!

AgeWell Visits is always in need of new volunteers. Individuals and/or families are welcome. Contact Ellen Leger at JFCS for more information.