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Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistant


Bachelor Degree preferred.  Experience with fiscal responsibilities connected with the role of Guardianship of Estate, MA/SSDI/I/VA benefit applications, estate bank accounts, as well as representative payee.  Must have good communication skills as the position requires interfacing with referring agencies to do intakes. Must be skilled in spreadsheets, google docs, and have a demonstrated ability to maintain detailed electronic records. Must demonstrate sensitivity to clients with special needs, including cultural awareness of the client population. Must have the ability to work independently. Additional duties include bill pay for all representative payee clients and other fiscal responsibilities as necessary. Reliable vehicle for work related travel is required.

Position Summary:

This position is responsible for the maintenance of guardianship consumers’ bank accounts, with adherence to asset limits, burials accounts, and bank accounts. The position is responsible for estate reporting, benefits applications and providing aid to case managers. Duties include balancing accounts, completing accounting reports for Guardian of Estate reporting, social security reporting, VA reporting, audit reviews and fiscal reports, as well as following up on all necessary financial information needed for the clients benefits. Position will also be responsible for interfacing with referring agencies and completing intake assessments of all new wards. Case management assistance as required.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Assist with all aspects of fiscal management of client accounts: data entry, periodic reports, reconciliation of bank statements, opening and managing client bank accounts, making various payments, reporting on accounts to supervisor and alerting of any irregularities.
  2. Work directly with our attorney on Estate reports and documentation needed.  
  3. Participate in team meetings
  4. Intake paperworks as assigned
  5. Applications and ongoing maintenance of benefits such as SS and MA
  6. Participate in training and development activities including those designed to improve responsiveness to the clients served and/or increased cultural awareness and those suggested in supervision.
  7. Complete banking and purchasing of monthly food cards and bus passes, and various other items for clients
  8. Travel to various facilities to make deliveries, assist with routine tasks on behalf of clients or conduct routine visits to check in on clients as needed
  9. Communicate on behalf of clients to insurance agencies, physician’s offices and financial institutions regarding client’s benefits.
  10. Monitor, sort and distribute daily mail.
  11. Provide case management services on behalf of the client such as completing applications for benefits such as Social Security Disability or SSI, rent rebate forms; investigating medical insurance alternatives. 
  12. Will conduct research necessary to complete an appropriate burial plan.  
  13. In collaboration with guardianship caseworker, create debt repayment plans on behalf of client.
  14. Initiate or respond to telephone contacts with bill collectors or parties owed money. Send letters as needed informing potential creditors of wards financial status.
  15. Complete banking tasks such as obtaining cash for allowances, accomplishing immediate, non-routine check writing.  Close prior bank accounts and create new ones as needed; change signature cards as needed. 
  16. Attendance at departmental and agency wide staff meetings and in-service training.
  17. Other duties as assigned.


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